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Amazon Inbound Packaging Requirements?

The requirements are as follows:

amazon send a gift wrapped

Use a six-sided high-toughness packaging box with a complete lid, and the pressure on either side of the box will not collapse.

Each box must contain its own FBA Amazon logistics shipment label, and the label must be clear, moisture-proof, and wear-resistant.

If a carton is to contain goods from multiple PO orders, then ensure that a carton can only involve goods with a maximum of 5 PO orders.

The net weight of the carton packaging does not exceed 22.5KG (50 pounds), if the net weight of the goods sold in a single piece exceeds 22. 5KG (50 pounds), you must put a “TeamLift” label on the carton, indicating that you need to operate it by team; if the net weight of the box exceeds 45KG (100 pounds), you need to put a “MechLift” label on the carton, indicating that you need a machine to operate it.

The net weight of the carton containing jewelry and watches cannot exceed 18KG (40 pounds).

The size of either side of the carton must not exceed 63.5CM, unless the size of the item sold in a single piece already exceeds 63.5CM. If the carton size exceeds the standard, the carton needs to be placed on a 1m X1.25m tray to facilitate the handling operation of the Amazon FBA warehouse staff using machinery.

Cartons and packaging materials (e.g., padding, fillers) must adequately protect the goods during transportation. Packaging materials that are not accepted by Amazon fulfillment centers will result in the goods being rejected or additional packaging fees being paid.

The size of the cartons selected is to ensure the least free space in the cartons after the goods are placed. Space utilization can also be maximized by packing multiple items in one carton (without damage to the goods).

Cartons cannot be packed with packing tape, elastic bands, large staples or nylon fiber tape, as they pose a safety hazard to warehouse colleagues.

Do not use point of sale containers commonly used to display merchandise (e.g. front-opening cases or cases without lids).

In addition, Amazon also prohibits warehousing certain items, including alcoholic beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic beer), vehicle tires, Kongming or water lamps, gift cards and other stored value tools, products with unauthorized marketing materials (e.g. brochures, price tags or other non-Amazon stickers), damaged or defective merchandise, loosely packed batteries, other products that are not suitable for sale on Amazon, etc.

The above information is for reference only. If necessary, it is recommended to consult Amazon’s official website for more comprehensive and accurate information.

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