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When is Valentine’s Day in India?

Valentine’s Day in India is on February 14th every year, which is Valentine’s Day in our country, but in India it is called “Ibaramena”. On this day, men…

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How long does it take for a European parcel to reach China?

Different delivery methods will have different times 1. The fastest is about 3 working days 2. The medium is about 10 working days How far is the UK…

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History of California?

During the Elizabethan period of England, the famous pirate Sir Francis Drake occupied all the land in northern New Spain and New Mexico and became a British colony….

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10 things to buy in the UK?

10 must-buy souvenirs in London, UK 1. British black tea The British love to drink afternoon tea. On a sunny afternoon, meet three or two friends and have…

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What to eat at a funeral in the UK?

Generally, the funeral of ordinary people in the UK will only invite relatives and friends, not real relatives. Food will indeed be provided, but most of them are…

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What is the gift Andersen gave?

“Andersen’s Fairy Tales” As a good friend of the British royal family, the gift given by British Prime Minister Cameron is both sincere and meaningful. The gift he…

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Christmas in the UK?

Every December 25th is a day for Westerners to celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, and a legal holiday in the UK, so the whole people are…

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What gift do you give your child to go to school?

Send Qimen black tea Qimen black tea is a leader in “black tea”, and it is famous for its “high fragrance, mellow taste, beautiful shape and bright color”….

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What brand of guitar is jd?

jd is the abbreviation of the guitar brand Jack Daniels. Jack Daniels is a well-known American whiskey brand, known for its unique flavor and high quality. jd as…

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Is Victoria sponge cake a British delicacy?

Victoria sponge cake, also known as Queen Victoria cake, covered plate jam cake. An English dessert. Rumor has it that Queen Victoria’s husband died, and to ease her…