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First Birthday Gift Ideas for 1-Year-Olds

You can give the following gifts to your one-year-old baby on his birthday:

Bracelet, longevity lock: For the babies of close relatives or friends, you can give them silver/gold bracelets, longevity locks, or zodiac animal necklaces that represent the child’s zodiac sign.

Practical gifts for everyday life: You can give your child a stroller, baby clothes, baby toys, baby diapers, milk powder, etc., which are practical because they are essential for newborns.

Enlightenment fairy tale books and educational toys: Children who are one year old can be given enlightenment picture books, fairy tale books, music boxes, and building blocks. It can exercise children’s vision, imagination, hearing, and hands-on skills. It is also a good gift.

Simulation camera baby tooth box: Give this gift to witness your baby’s growth trajectory. The camera-shaped baby tooth box is very appealing, the photo button can be pressed realistically, and there is a kaleidoscope lens in the middle. Open the camera box, and the sticker file on it can record the year, month, and day of tooth replacement, and give it to your one-year-old so that each of their little baby teeth can find a safe home.

Baby’s hand and footprints: It’s also a gift that will stand the test of time, with the ability to capture your baby’s feet and hands. Printing small footprints and handprints when one is one year old can be a souvenir for parents. It is also very meaningful to recall that soft and cute little guy many years later.”

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