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10 Important Holiday Gifts?

Spring Festival – Of course it is a big red envelope, and it can also be a variety of nutritional products for the elderly

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Mid-Autumn Festival – Mooncakes, Hairy Crabs, Family Reunion and Appreciation of the Moon

Dragon Boat Festival – Brown Children

Chongyang – Fragrant Flowers Respect the Elderly

Lantern – Tangyuan, Lantern Greeting Cards, SMS Blessings

Mother’s Day: Flowers, Clothes, Cosmetics Skin Care Products, Jewelry

Father’s Day: Flowers, Clothes, Wallets, Electrical Appliances, Massage Small Appliances

Valentine’s Day: Flowers, Chocolate Cake, A Big Meal, Qixi Festival: A Trip, A Movie, Flowers, jewelry, belts, wallets

Christmas: scarves, jewelry, chocolates

How many things are good for holiday gifts?

Gifts should be double, generally four pieces are the best. The Chinese New Year and festivals should be different according to the season, and the people to be given are also different. For example, when giving gifts to the elderly during the festival, it is best to choose some health products. But there should also be fruits. Tobacco, alcohol, sugar and tea are typical representatives of gift-giving. Nowadays, people’s lives have also changed. People pay more attention to their health, so they rarely send cigarettes. More are choosing practical necessities of life.

What holiday gifts?

If you give a girlfriend, it is usually Valentine’s Day, an anniversary and a birthday gift. If it is a gift for an elder, it is usually a traditional festival, such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, etc.

What is a good gift for a holiday?

Except for Qingming Festival, you can give gifts on most festivals. Gifts are actually very particular. As the saying goes, gifts should be given to the heart. When you give a gift to someone, what you are actually doing is to express your feelings to her. Therefore, the gift you choose must be meaningful and make the recipient feel that your ingenuity, gift is extraordinary and precious. Generally speaking, for the poor, it is better to benefit, for the rich, it is better to be exquisite, and for the lover, it is better to be commemorative. Therefore, it is best to choose a commemorative gift for your girlfriend.

Why do you need to give gifts during festivals?

China has been a state of etiquette since ancient times, and it has traditionally attached great importance to the exchange of courtesies. Benevolence, ceremony, courtesy, wisdom, and faith, among which courtesy is the most classic and brilliant page of Chinese Confucianism. Its far-reaching influence is still highly respected.

Gift-giving as a way to express one’s feelings and deepen communication and exchange with others, the key is a kind of emotional and meaningful exchange, as for the weight of gifts, what form is not important, the key is to express one’s heart

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