Holiday gifts

30 yuan what gift for students?

1, the Forbidden City cat cute desktop ornament

send an afternoon tea gift

This Forbidden City cat cute ornament is a very good merchandise birthday gift, about 20 yuan student party small gift, put on the table, or car is a good gift. Super~ level~ cute cat ornament. The demeanor is vivid, and the mood is instantly relaxed when you see them~~ Hey~ How can you be so cute, it’s good for the student party to give girlfriends gifts within 30 yuan

2, light tea home box Internet celebrity snack cake

For girlfriends’ birthdays, this Internet celebrity cake of about 30 yuan is also good. The whole cake is made of French presidential butter, Spanish mascarpone and French whipped cream and other high-quality raw materials, determined to use the top raw materials to bring the most extreme enjoyment to everyone. The value of the box cake is also very high, and there is a feeling of Internet celebrity afternoon tea. Not only is the color clean and beautiful, but it is also very layered

3. No duck is not good towel

This towel has a cute shape. It has different styles of no duck. The material used is also very good. It can absorb water quickly, and it is soft and comfortable to use. Choose a gift of about 30 yuan for your own use, or share it with your girlfriends as a gift. It is also very cute and easy to use. No duck and no chicken are lying on a large green grass with their heads against their heads, sharing each other’s favorite music. It is really quiet…

4, the original “Money Come!” earrings of the quirky house

The original “Money Come!” of the quirky house Earrings, looking at a very distinctive gift, if you like this style of small gift, it is very attractive. This personality is cool and contrasting color earrings, very trendy and versatile style, choose to give gifts to girlfriends, and exchange girlfriends’ small gifts are attractive.

Copy of long-lost afternoon tea?

1. Busy days make us have no time to taste delicious food, but the arrival of afternoon tea makes us linger. Let’s taste delicious food and enjoy a leisurely time! ☕

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