Holiday gifts

A commemorative gift for a girlfriend?

cute gifts to send to a friend tht misses you

1. Customized crystals: Crystals are very magical and have commemorative value. You can give custom photos of crystal Rubik’s cube or lettering crystals as gifts.

2. Comb: It can be a comb made according to the zodiac sign of your girlfriend, such as a lamb pattern, or a comb engraved with a phoenix. Combs are also one of the things that girls often use, and there is a good meaning to giving combs. For example, combs represent acacia, missing and missing. Such birthday gifts can best reflect the feelings between good sisters.

3. Give your girlfriend a beautiful makeup mirror, because the makeup mirror is something that girls use every day, and it can be taken with you at any time, and it is used at any time. It is very real, and as soon as you use it, I remember that it was given by you, and I must like it very much. You can customize the pattern and text on the mirror, so that you can send a good sister more thoughtfully.

What gift to give to represent missing?

1. Qixi Festival Couple Interactive Gift Box

(Store: Ten Ten Memories Co., Ltd. 179RMB)

An original gift that makes me grunt and run to update, super suitable for Qixi Festival to give to objects!!!

There are three layers of surprises




2. A point-and-shoot camera

(about 65RMB)

A disposable camera that can take pictures. There are 39 films in it. After shooting, you can go to the photo shop to wash it out. It has a very retro feel.

3. Fried yogurt machine

(about 70RMB)

I really liked watching the video of fried yogurt on Bilibili for a while. This can be used directly at home. It’s not too cool to eat fresh yogurt ice cream in summer!!!

4. Color-changing heat-sensitive notebook

(about 50RMB)

The color on the surface of the notebook will change with the rise and fall of temperature, and it will turn red when you put it on your hand, which is quite magical.

5. Light therapy machine manicure set

(about 90RMB)

Full set! You can also DIY good-looking nails at home.

This is a Christmas special made for me by my roommate

6. Duckling canvas bag

(about 79RMB)

Inside are little ducks, I feel very cute! (Reminded by the little cutie, the original is NOLABEL)

7. Solid watercolor set

(about 40RMB)

This is 36 colors, and I also send fountain pens, pencils, watercolor brushes, watercolor paper, etc. I feel it is worth it. There are also friends in the comment area who recommend better brands.

8. Fire Lacquer Seal Set

(Shop: Cat’s Sky City 89RMB)

This is great for guys who like to write letters. The art is to melt the wax into hot thoughts and print it into the shape of loving you.

This is from Cat’s Sky City. The value of the gift box is also very high. There are many such sets on Taobao.

9. Mobile phone lens

(about 85RMB)

It is very suitable for friends who like to take pictures with mobile phones! I bought the following combination of macro wide angle fisheye as a graduation gift for my classmates.

Below is the fisheye effect in the seller’s show

10. Rubber stamp novice set

(about 50RMB)

You can DIY rubber stamp when you buy it! Suitable for guys with strong hands-on ability, come to a magic expression that my classmates gave me before (cover your face

(In fact, there are many DIY sets such as handmade soap, paper making, Epoxy, etc., on Taobao………………… We played a lot when we were in high school)

11. American Besame retro match lipstick

(about 75RMB)

A box of 5 sticks, one can be applied about twice, and the retro color is also very beautiful! (Search for match lipstick on Taobao and there are many affordable prices that can be bought for twenty or thirty yuan)

12. Mini yogurt machine

(about 40RMB)

This time I can even make the ingredients for fried yogurt by myself! It looks a little cute, and the price is beautiful. For my roommate’s birthday, I bought one for her.

This is the result of our first experiment! Don’t laugh at my ugly picture………………….. The fermentation time is a bit long, and it has become semi-solid. After stirring it, you can still see the particles. There is a milky aroma in the mouth, and then it is sour. It tastes good with some sugar!

13. Tape cassette notebook

(store: DamageGoods58RMB)

The cover is a very dated tape, a more creative notebook. But the size is only the size of a cassette, suitable for carrying around.

It is still a roommate’s birthday, so I gave this as a gift. Although I have never seen her use it, hum! I think it looks good…

14. Elfinbook Rewritable Notebook

(about 99RMB)

Used with erasable pens and special apps, you can write repeatedly and save content at the same time. A smart notebook.

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