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Can Amazon goods from the UK be shipped to Italy?

Yes, Amazon goods from the UK can be shipped to Italy. Amazon is an international e-commerce platform, and they provide cross-border shipping services worldwide. You can buy goods on Amazon UK and choose to ship the goods to Italy. At checkout, Amazon will provide the corresponding shipping fee and estimated arrival time.

sending a gift from amazon from us to italy

Can Amazon UK sell to Poland?

Yes. Amazon has 8 European sites open to Chinese sellers (UK station, France station, Germany station, Italy station, Spain station, Netherlands station, Sweden station, Poland station). In order to help sellers and friends quickly increase sales at low cost, Amazon has launched the “European Station Export Plan”. In addition to the existing Europe 8 foreign countries, through the “European Station Export Plan”, sellers can also sell goods to Poland and other countries.

Under what circumstances will Amazon send Amazon logistics?

Amazon uses the logistics model of direct mail to China. On October 29, 2014, Amazon China announced that it will now open the service of direct mail to China from six major overseas sites. Consumers can enjoy a total of more than 80 million international products from Amazon America, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Italy. Before “11. 11”, Amazon China’s “overseas purchase” service will also start trial operation, fully launching the “overseas shopping” offensive and launching an international brand strategy. Amazon overseas direct mail can help consumers process customs clearance procedures quickly, and provides three optional delivery services (standard, expedited, and express). The Amazon US site has significantly reduced the international shipping fee of direct mail China and shortened the delivery time of direct mail. The average delivery time has been shortened to 9-15 days, and it can be delivered to consumers in as little as three working days.

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