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Can anyone tell me the process of transferring money from abroad to China on PayPal? I am a PayPal account,………….

You can ask him to apply for a PayPal account too, and then use the mastercard to deposit money in PayPal, and then transfer it to you through PayPal. The handling fee is also very low.

how to send money gift paypal

How to transfer money from US PayPal to domestic PayPal?

1. Mainland PayPal binding and withdrawal

Step 1: Enter the PayPal background and find “Linked Bank Account”

Step 2: Pull the page to the bottom, click the bottom line of small print “Linked Bank Account in the United States or Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”

Step 3: Select “US Bank Account” and click Next

Step 4: Add the information corresponding to the Wanli Hui background-currency account-US dollar currency account to the corresponding location

Step 5: PayPal may perform SMS verification, and the binding can be completed after verification

2. UK PayPal Bind and withdraw

Step 1: Enter the PayPal background and find “addabankaccunt”}

Step 2: Add the information corresponding to the Wanli Hui background-currency account-sterling currency account to the corresponding location

How to transfer the PayPal account to US dollars?

Generally, the cards of China Construction Bank have opened a US dollar account by default. Before operation, it is best to call the bank customer in advance to confirm whether your bank card can receive foreign exchange. You can ask the bank customer service for the SWIFT code. The personal foreign exchange settlement limit is 50,000 yuan per year. If you operate frequently, you will start risk and account monitoring.

Step 1, bind the linked bank account in PAYPAL: select “Linked Card or Bank Account” – select “Linked Bank Account”: fill in the bank name, branch address, account number (bank card number), SWIFT code (call the bank to inquire, the staff will send it to your mobile phone by text message), after filling it out, click Linked to your account;

Step 1, Linked Bank Account, the user will transfer foreign exchange to the personal bank card US dollar account

Step 2, transfer money to the bank account in PAYPAL: click the “Transfer” button below the balance – select “Withdraw to your bank account”, and follow the prompts; after the withdrawal is completed, the next step is to Within three working days, you will receive a call from the bank staff, telling you to go to the mobile banking APP to fill in the “specific customer information collection”; for the transfer operation, PAYPAL will deduct a handling fee of 35 US dollars.

The second step is to withdraw cash to the bank account. After receiving the notification from the bank, go to the CCB APP to fill in “Specific Customer Information Collection” and submit

The third step, about three working days, you log in to the online banking or mobile banking APP, you can find the US dollars held on the foreign exchange page of wealth management, select “Settlement”, you can directly convert the US dollars into RMB, and automatically transfer the RMB account balance

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