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Can I receive messages for shopping card purchases in Walmart shopping malls?

You are talking about SMS consumption reminders. You can’t receive it. Because most shopping cards now are bearer cards. And even bearer cards do not have SMS reminder function. But you can check the consumption record and the balance in the card on the official website.

can you send a walmart gift card via text

How do Walmart pickup coupons bind mobile phones?

Open the Walmart application APP on the mobile phone. On the main interface, there is an option to use the pickup card. Enter this option and select Add pickup card. Enter the number on the pickup card into the option box. You just need a mobile phone verification code. This verification code is reserved in the Client Server center when you apply for the pickup card. After the SMS prompt, enter the mobile phone prompt code into the box of the verification code. If you want the pickup card, you can successfully bind it. When spending, you only need to scan the pickup card QR code at the checkout page to complete the consumption payment.

Why do you need to enter the mobile phone number in Shenzhen Walmart self-checkout?

Shenzhen Walmart self-checkout requires entering the mobile phone number, mainly for security and verification reasons. When using the self-checkout function, entering the mobile phone number can be used as a way of authentication to ensure that the checkout operation is completed by the customer himself, preventing others from stealing or mistakenly swiping the customer’s account.

In addition, entering the mobile phone number can also allow Walmart to send customers shopping lists, promotions or promotions through text messages or push notifications, improving the customer’s shopping experience and service quality. At the same time, customers can keep abreast of their shopping status and Walmart’s latest offers through these notifications.

It should be noted that when entering the mobile phone number, customers should confirm whether the behavior is an official requirement of Walmart, and pay attention to protecting personal privacy and information security. Walmart should also collect and use customers’ mobile phone number information in legal compliance and comply with relevant privacy protection regulations.

The above content is for reference only. It is recommended to consult Walmart staff for the most accurate information.

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