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Can others see Renren’s anonymous gift?

The recipient can’t see it or check it. Only the giver knows it. Others can only see that so-and-so received an anonymous gift

best site to send anonymous gift

How to give gifts anonymously in the national k song?

In WeSing, if you want to give gifts anonymously, you need to enter the corresponding live stream and enter “/gift [gift number] [quantity] 0” in the bullet comment box, where the gift number and quantity can be adjusted according to your needs. After entering, click Send to successfully send the gift anonymously. Please note that anonymous gift giving will not display the name and avatar of the giver, but will display the name and quantity of the gift in the bullet comment, and the corresponding K coins will also be deducted.

How to give gifts quietly?

You can consider the following suggestions:

Put the gift directly on the other party’s work desk or doorstep, and then send a simple text message or email to inform the other party, so that the gift can be delivered safely and will not be exposed during the gift giving process.

Send the gift directly to the other party through the courier company. When filling in the sender information, you can choose to use “anonymous” or only provide basic information such as phone number to ensure that your personal information is not leaked.

Western culture has the tradition of “Secret Santa” (Secret Santa). This method is to select a “Secret Santa” in the group and give gifts to other members, but the name cannot be exposed. You can imitate this method by selecting a representative from a small group and quietly giving gifts on behalf of everyone.

Before giving gifts, you can choose to negotiate with the other party in advance, ask them if they are willing to receive your gift and inform them of your gift-giving intentions. This can not only let the other party know your intentions, but also avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings.

How to send a gift from an anonymous person?

If you have a stranger giving something anonymously, you can consider posting the following in Moments:

“Received a mysterious package today, no message from the sender, but I guess it must be a gift from a kind person. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. This gift makes me feel extremely warm and happy. I hope you can know that your kindness and generosity will be passed on to more people. Thank you very much.”

Moments content like this can express your gratitude, but also send positive energy and warmth. If you have any concerns or need more suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

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