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Can self-made envelopes be mailed?

Can’t be used, only envelopes printed with the words ** Post Office Supervision can be used to send letters.

diy gifts to send in the mail

1. All envelopes should be horizontal. The tongue of the envelope should be on the right or top of the front of the envelope, and the tongue of the international envelope should be on the top of the front of the envelope.

2. Domestic envelopes of B6, DL, and ZL should be made of B-type envelope paper I and II of not less than 80g/m2; domestic envelopes of C5 and C4 should be made of B-type envelope paper I and II of not less than 100g/m2; international envelopes should be made of A-type envelope paper I and II of not less than 100g/m2.

3. The color of the zip code box in the upper left corner of the front of the envelope is golden red, and the color code is PANTONE1795C.

4. The upper left corner of the front of the envelope is 90mm from the left, and the range of 26mm from the upper edge is the machine reading scanning area. Except for the red frame, no patterns and text shall be printed.

5. The front of the envelope is 55mm~ 160mm from the right, and the area below 20mm from the bottom edge is the barcode printing area. It should be kept blank.

6. Advertisements shall not be printed anywhere on the envelope.

7. Fine art patterns can be printed on the envelope, and the position is in the left area below 26mm from the front. The occupied area shall not exceed 18% of the front area. The area beyond the art pattern area should keep the primary color of the envelope paper.


The address and zip code information of the recipient must be filled in correctly, and the handwriting should also be neat. Don’t write it so that people can’t see it clearly. If you don’t write well, you can also ask someone else to write it on your behalf.

Our suggestion is to write the sender’s information below, but if you are writing an anonymous letter, don’t write it. Not writing it will not affect the sending of the letter, and it will affect the process of returning the letter without mailing it.

If your envelope has no horizontal lines, then you should also follow the above steps and format when writing.

The first and second lines are written with the other party’s address, because some addresses are too troublesome to prevent one line from being written, so leave two lines to write the address. Of course, if the other party’s address name is short, you only need to write it on one line. When writing the name, leave a line empty and write the recipient’s name on the third line.

How to mail the spelled Lego?

The finished Lego depends on how big the Lego building block is. Express mailing has volume and weight requirements. Objects that are too large or too heavy will be charged.

It is safer to choose a larger courier company such as SF Express, Debon and other large companies.

The building block can be reinforced with removable tape without leaving a trace, then placed in the carton and filled with foam.

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