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Can Sri Lanka’s mobile phone card be used in India?

Yes. You only need to activate international roaming service and international long-distance function. However, using Sri Lanka’s mobile phone card in India may require additional roaming fees. For specific fees, you can consult the mobile phone operator in Sri Lanka or India.

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What is the connection between Sri Lanka and India?

In the face of India, which has a vast territory and a long history and civilization, Sri Lanka is like a little daughter-in-law, under the cover of her mother-in-law for a long time. In fact, Sri Lanka itself has a history and civilization of 2,000 years, and the source is still inseparable from India. The Sinhalese, who account for 70% of the country’s population, immigrated here from northern India in the 6th century BC to establish a dynasty. Around the 2nd century BC, the Tami people of southern India invaded and ruled the northern region. Due to ethnic issues, there have been many bloody conflicts from the east coast to the north of Sri Lanka for a long time, so there are few tourists.

Connected to Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar 3 phone calls, but I didn’t dare to answer them. What’s the matter?

It should be. You don’t need to answer this kind of call. If something really happens, the public security in various places will come to you long ago.

Why do India and Russia use rupees?

India uses rupees, and Russia uses rubles!

The ruble is the currency unit of the Transnistrian Republic issued by the Russian Federation, and now it usually refers to the legal tender of the Russian Federation. The use area is Russia and the self-declared independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Historically, Tsarist Russia, Soviet Russia, and the Soviet Union all called the legal currency of the regime the ruble. During the Soviet Union, the ruble was a major international currency. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the great changes in Eastern Europe, due to the severe economic recession caused by Russia’s use of “shock therapy”, the ruble as a currency lost the support of the real economy, resulting in a sharp depreciation and loss of the status of the main international currency.

The rupee is the currency name used by India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, and Mauritius.

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