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Can you send a car to a friend in World of Tanks?

You can send a car to a friend. Because there is a giveaway mechanism in World of Tanks, players can give tanks to each other and give them away for free, which is also a part of the content that many players in the game like. If you and your friends play on the same server and have become friends, then you can give tanks to your friends through in-game giveaways. The way to send cars is the normal operation in World of Tanks. You only need to find a friend in the game and choose to send a car to complete the giveaway of tanks. It should be noted that the giveaway tanks need to meet certain conditions, such as not being used before gifting. In short, as long as the specified conditions are met, you can successfully send a car to a friend in the World of Tanks game.

send a gift in world of tanks

What gift to give Marvel fans?

If your friend likes Marvel, you can consider giving him some Marvel-related gifts. For example, you can choose a Marvel book or comic to give him an in-depth understanding of the Marvel world.

In addition, you can also choose some Marvel-themed clothing or accessories, such as T-shirts, hats or keychains, so that he can show his love for Marvel.

In addition, you can also consider purchasing some Marvel movies on DVD or Blu-ray so that he can enjoy Marvel classics at home.

Finally, if your budget allows, you can also consider giving him a Marvel-themed travel package to give him the opportunity to visit Marvel theme parks or exhibitions. No matter what gift you choose, as long as it is related to Marvel, your friends will definitely like it.

Will the World of Tanks season end token be cleared?

The World of Tanks season end token will not be cleared.

First of all, the tokens of World of Tanks are permanent and can be kept until next season. In this season, you can still use the tokens and redeem the gifts you need.

The difference between World of Tanks 907 project and 907a?

The main differences between 907 and 907a are as follows:

First of all, the difference in combat parameters. The 907a is equivalent to an improved version of the 907, and is generally stronger than the 907. In terms of armor protection, firepower output value and gun control system, the career is stronger. And the mobility of the two is comparable.

In terms of income, the 907a is better, that is, it can get more silver coins.

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