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Canada visa mailing process?

1. Consultation (network, phone or face-to-face), which can be completed on the same day to reach a cooperation intention.

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2. The customer submits (or mails) the visa application materials (see above). It will take about two working days to receive by express mail.

3. Verify the customer’s visa materials. If the information is incomplete, contact the customer within one hour of receiving the information and supplement it in time; if the information is complete, it will be completed within four hours.

4. For the collection of visa fees (including visa fees and service fees), customers can make cash payment, online payment, transfer or other methods. For details, please refer to the company’s payment website

5. After the applicant submits the complete visa information, the visa specialist of the visa center is responsible for sorting out the application materials, supplementing and translating the visa forms required for the visa and submitting them to the consulate in a timely manner. Generally, it takes about 1-2 working days. ( Some consulates require the applicant to submit the visa information and interview in person. We will assist you in completing the submission of the information and the visa interview)

6. After the applicant’s visa information is accepted by the consulate, it takes about 3-30 working days;

7. After the visa is issued, we can collect the passport and visa for the customer, and mail it to the customer within two hours after collection. If there is no need to mail the customer, we will notify the customer of the visa situation in time within one hour.

2021 Online Application for Canada Visa Detailed Guide?

Case 1: Go to the Visa Application Center by yourself

Step 1: Determine the type of visa and prepare the required information for the visa listed on this site.

Step 2: Make an appointment to collect biometric information. Click to enter the appointment

Step 3: Submit the application at the nearest Canadian Visa Center.

– Working hours: Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00.

Step 4: To pay the visa application fee and the biometric information collection fee (if applicable), please refer to the guide in Pay Your Fee on the IRCC website. And wait for the visa result.

The current processing cycle for visitor visas is generally 3-4 weeks, and it takes about 3 months for students and work. Submit your application at the visa center counter. The application processing fee is only accepted in cash in RMB. Please prepare the corresponding cash application processing fee according to your visa category.

Case 2: Online Application

To apply for a Canadian visa online, you need to log in to the official website of Immigration Canada to apply:

Step 1: Log in to the official website of Immigration Canada and fill in the questionnaire; (click to enter the CIC website to apply for a visa online)

Step 2: Register a GCKey account and fill in the account questions;

Step 3: Upload the original scanned electronic version of your application materials and paper photos online, and pay the visa fee of CAD 100 online.

Here is a key reminder for all applicants, it must be the electronic version of the original scanned copy of the paper photo and the application materials in the same medium equipment. The simple understanding is that you must take 2 paper photos without any modification in the domestic professional Maple Leaf card photo studio, and upload them together with the original of your application materials with the electronic version scanned by the same scanner. According to immigration experts, the photo standard is passed quickly, and the photo is not standard. You need to wait for a long time. Among all these procedures, the requirements for 2 paper photos are very high, and the photos taken in the general photo studio are almost impossible to pass. For domestic applicants, whether they need to apply for a Canadian visa photo or a Canadian Maple Leaf Card, it is recommended to go to the most professional Maple Leaf Card photo studio in China, the Liyuan photo studio in Beijing, to take pictures. The Maple Leaf Card photos taken there are famous at home and abroad, and the pass rate is 100%. This will save a lot of time and money.

Step 4: Make an appointment to collect biometric information at the visa center. Applicants who are asked to provide biometric information will receive a notification letter (abbreviated as BIL) after the online application is successful. After receiving the BIL, you need to go to the visa application center to complete the biometric information collection.

Step 5:

Please make sure you arrive at the visa center 15 minutes in advance according to your appointment time.

Please bring your original passport, your appointment letter, and your biometric request letter.

Once the biometric collection has been completed, you will receive a receipt certifying that you have completed your biometric collection at the Visa Application Centre.

Step 6:

Once your visa application has a result, you will receive a notification letter by mail requesting your passport to be submitted. If you are unsure whether it was sent to you by IRCC, you can check the progress update through your MyCIC account.

When submitting your passport at the Visa Application Centre, you will need to bring your original passport and submit the notification letter with your passport.

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