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Crossing Animal Town Book Good Words and Sentences?

Crossing Animal Town is a children’s book full of fantasy. The book describes a small town made up of various animals. Children can feel the unique personality and wisdom of the animals by reading this book. Here are some good words and sentences from the book:

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1. “As night falls, the moon shines like water, illuminating every corner of Animal Town.”

2. “Puppies, kittens, rabbits and deer, running happily under the moonlight, celebrate their friendship.”

3. ” In Animal Town, each animal has its own specialties. They help each other and grow together. “

4.” The little fox and the little bear, exploring the forest, discovered a mysterious treasure. “

5.” In Animal Town, each animal has its own home. They respect each other and maintain a harmonious home together. “

6.” The little cat and the little mouse, playing in the garden, they chase each other and are very happy. “

7.” In Animal Town, each animal has its own story. They listen to each other and share happiness and sadness together. “

8.” The little rabbit and the fawn, walking in the forest, they take care of each other and protect this beautiful home together. “

9.” In the animal town, each animal has its own dream, they encourage each other and pursue a better future together. “

10.” The little squirrel and the little bird, looking out on the top of the mountain, they bless each other and look forward to the good times in the future together. “

These good words and sentences can not only stimulate children’s imagination, but also cultivate their awe and love for animals and nature.

A novel in which the protagonist travels through the troubled times of the Western Jin Dynasty and takes animals out of the mountains?

Author: Cover your face and laugh


When he died in the line of duty, Liang Feng inexplicably returned to the Western Jin Dynasty, the short-lived dynasty that inherited the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms and inspired the Five Hu and Sixteen Kingdoms.

Trapped in the shell of a beautiful and sick child, asking for money and no money, no one, and many cheap sons and messy manors.

Do you eat by your face, pretend to be handsome and mix with celebrities?

Or farm and raise soldiers, and compete with Hu prisoners to hegemony the Central Plains?

Leading the interracial wolf dog picked up halfway, Liang Shao said that he can do it!

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