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Do companies still send gifts when holding annual meetings?

Yes, many companies send gifts when holding annual meetings to reward employees for their hard work and dedication. This can not only enhance employees’ sense of belonging and loyalty, but also be a way to motivate and reward employees. The type and quantity of gifts often depend on the company’s financial resources and culture. Some companies will issue small gifts such as souvenirs, coupons, experience cards, etc., while some companies will also issue practical gifts, such as laptops, smart watches, etc. Overall, annual meeting gifts are an important way for company managers to express their care and support, as well as a powerful tool to bring employee satisfaction and enhance the company’s image.

How to write a gift-giving activity plan for units?

The unit’s gift-giving activity plan can be written as follows: 1. Activity background and goals: In order to thank employees for their hard work, improve their loyalty and satisfaction, and at the same time create a good corporate image and team atmosphere, we plan to hold a gift-giving activity. 2. Activity time: The activity time is determined to be XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XXXX. III. Activity object: All employees, including regular employees, probation period employees, interns, etc. IV. Activity content: Gift selection: According to the nature of employees’ work and the characteristics of their positions, choose practical and memorable gifts. For example, customized office supplies, electronic products, daily necessities, etc. Gift distribution: According to the position level and work performance of employees, formulate gift distribution standards. For example, senior managers can receive higher-level gifts, while new employees can receive relatively lower-level gifts. Gift packaging: In order to improve the sense of value and surprise of gifts, gifts are beautifully packaged. The company’s LOGO and greetings can be printed on the packaging to reflect the company’s care for employees. Gift giving: During the event, gifts are given to employees at employee conferences, department meetings and other occasions to express gratitude and blessings to employees. At the same time, employees can be organized to take pictures at the gift collection office to record beautiful moments. Event promotion: Activities are promoted through company internal newsletters, announcements, WeChat groups, etc., so that employees can fully understand the content of the event and how to participate. At the same time, the media can be invited to report and improve the influence and visibility of the event. V. Event Budget: According to the selection and distribution of gifts, as well as the number of participants and other factors, a reasonable event budget is formulated. The budget includes expenses such as gift procurement, packaging, gifts, and event promotion. VI. Event Organization and Implementation: Event Preparation: Set up an event preparation team to be responsible for the planning, organization, and implementation of the event. The members of the team include the heads of departments such as Human Resources, Administration Department, Finance Department, etc. Event Promotion: Human Resources is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the event promotion plan, and the content and participation methods of the event are publicized to employees through internal company newsletters, announcements, WeChat groups, etc. At the same time, the media are invited to report. Gift Purchasing and Distribution: The Administration Department is responsible for gift purchasing and distribution. According to the nature of the employees’ work and the characteristics of their positions, practical and memorable gifts are selected. At the same time, according to the employees’ position level and work performance, the gift distribution standards are formulated. Event Site Organization: The Human Resources and Administration Department is responsible for the organization and coordination of the event site. A gift collection office is set up at the event site, and a special person is arranged to be responsible for the distribution and recording of gifts. At the same time, a photo area is set up at the event site to allow employees to record beautiful moments. Post-event Summary: The preparatory team is responsible for the post-event summary. Evaluate the organization, implementation and effect of the event, summarize experiences and lessons, and provide reference for future events. At the same time, upload event photos and videos and other materials to the company’s internal communication or social media platform, so that more employees can understand and pay attention to the company’s culture and corporate image.

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