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Douyin green light icon how to do?

1 We open the Douyin homepage, and then click on the blogger’s avatar to enter the live stream

how to send gift to greenlight card

2 After entering the live stream, we click the gift icon below,

3 After the gift window pops up, we click on the fan group

After clicking on the fan group, you can see that there is a fan group light sign. We click on it

4 Then click Send under the fan group light sign

5 1 Douyin Coin is required to give the fan group light sign. We can buy 12 Douyin Coin for 1 yuan, and after buying the Douyin Coin to give the fan group light sign, we can Light up the light sign

Emma gift n500 electric car instructions for use?

The battery should be used as much as possible with 2 grids left booster charge… The charging time should not exceed 8 hours in summer and 12 hours in winter… Usually pay attention to check the tire pressure… The safety of the brake handle… The most important thing for electric vehicles is the battery. Let’s talk about the precautions for using the battery:

(1) The matching of the charger and the battery.

The battery used in electric vehicles is damaged, not damaged. This shows the importance of matching the charger and the battery. Here are two situations: first, the new charger itself does not match the parameters provided by the battery manufacturer, the charging voltage is too high, the battery water loss is exacerbated, and the life is shortened. What’s more serious is that the charging current cannot drop to the set conversion current value. The battery temperature rises and the charging current further increases. The temperature rise is severe, resulting in thermal runaway, and the battery expands and deforms. On the contrary, the charging voltage is too low, and the battery is in an undercharged state for a long time. Some PbSO4 cannot be converted, resulting in sulfation. The battery capacity decreases, and the mileage of the electric moped is shortened. The second is that the quality of the components of the charger itself is poor. When it is first used, it is still a match, and it is recycled with charging and discharging. The charger itself drifts the charging voltage and conversion current due to temperature rise and aging of the components, causing the battery to be damaged.

(2) Recharge frequently and in time.

Consumers usually have a misunderstanding about the nominal cycle service life in the instruction manual, thinking that once charged, the battery life will be reduced once, so every time the battery power is consumed to the protection voltage of the controller 31.5V before starting to recharge, but they do not know that this will not only fail to protect the battery, but also shorten the battery life. Because the positive electrode active material PbO2 itself is not firmly bonded to each other, and the molar volume of PbO2 and PbSO4 is very different, the shallower the discharge depth, the lower the degree of shrinkage and expansion.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to continue riding when the indicator light shows undervoltage.

Some consumers ride halfway, and after the indicator light shows undervoltage, take a break and then ride for a while, which is very harmful to the battery. Severe over-discharge will cause the battery to salt or form lead dendrites, which will short-circuit the battery and affect its lifespan.

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