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Excuse me: What were the important meetings after World War II? What were the contents? Thank you?

After Hitler came to power in Germany, he actively planned to start a new world war. In 1938, he pointed the aggression at Czechoslovakia, which was east of Germany. At that time, Germany was not very strong, and if Britain, France and other countries stopped it, it could be stopped. However, British Prime Minister Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Daladier were very afraid of the war burning themselves, and decided to make Czechoslovakia a sacrifice in exchange for Germany’s guarantee not to invade themselves.

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In order to auction Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain flew to Germany twice in just one week from September 15 to 22, 1938, to hold talks with Hitler, and gave Czechoslovakia as a gift to Germany, encouraging Hitler to attack the Soviet Union. On September 20, 1938, Chamberlain flew to Germany for the second time, and this time it was officially sold. The leaders of Britain, France, Germany, and Italy – Chamberlain, Daladi, Hitler, and Mussolini – began the talks in the brown “Führer’s Palace” in Munich. The representatives of Czechoslovakia were also taken to the conference building, but could only stay on the bench in the room next to the conference hall, waiting for the final judgment. At 1 am the next day, the four countries signed the agreement to transfer the Sudetenland district of Czechoslovakia to Germany. When Hitler and Mussolini walked out of the “Führer’s Palace”, the representatives of the Czech government were called into the conference hall. A few hours later, the Czech government officially announced its acceptance of the “Munich Agreement”.

Britain and France betrayed Czechoslovakia in exchange for the declaration of the four countries signed by Hitler that they “never want to go to war with each other again”. In Chamberlain and Daladier’s opinion, letting Germany enter Czechoslovakia opened the door for Germany to enter the east, and the plan to pour disaster water on the Soviet Union was completed. So when Chamberlain returned to London on September 30, he waved the piece of paper signed by Hitler and said to the government officials and celebrities who welcomed him: “My good friend, this is the peace of our time!” In fact, this was Hitler’s tactic of “attacking the east and the west”. It was at the Munich Conference that Hitler said to Mussolini: “One day we will fight side by side against England and France.” In March 1930, Germany invaded the whole of Czechoslovakia. On September 1, Germany launched a full-scale imperialist war against Britain and France with a surprise attack on Poland. Chamberlain “started with the purpose of harming others, and ended with the result of harming himself.”

Later “Munich” became synonymous with the behavior of sacrificing the interests of other countries for selfish purposes and condoning aggression.

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