Holiday gifts

Gifts for Germans?

Give him your favorite things, he will be very happy

gift to send from america to german child

See clearly, it is for your favorite, not for his favorite

Westerners (Germany is the same), especially hope to receive gifts that the other party likes

He will think that you pay enough attention to him before giving him what he likes

As for whether it is expensive or not, it does not matter

I once gave my aunt a glass ball. I picked it up on the road when I was a child. I thought it was transparent and crystal clear, so I kept it

It feels like a lucky ball, accompanying me to grow


On my aunt’s rewedding day, I gave it to her in a very delicate little box. She was overjoyed when she received it, saying it was the best gift she had ever received

In fact, it is a very ordinary glass ball, which is larger than a marble

My aunt is from Hong Kong. I only started to contact her when I was in my third year of high school

My aunt was deeply influenced by the West

When Yao Ming got married, one of his teammates (American) gave him a wheel axle. It’s cute! That wheel axle is the American’s favorite

What is a good gift for the Germans?

Germans generally do not accept high-value gifts. They like history, so giving some exquisite Chinese porcelain is their favorite gift.

The latest policy of German maternity subsidy?

Maternity allowance (Mutterschaftsgeld)

Who can receive it: All working mothers If you give birth prematurely or have multiple births, it can be extended to 12 weeks postpartum, which is a maximum of 18 weeks.

How much to receive: The amount is equivalent to the mother’s usual after-tax salary. The insurance company pays 13 euros/day, and the employer company makes up the rest.

If the pregnant mother has private insurance, there is no insurance company to pay 13 euros per day, but you can apply for a one-time subsidy of 210 euros.

For example,

A mother’s usual after-tax salary is 30 euros/day, so she can take maternity leave from 34 weeks pregnant, and her salary during maternity leave is the same as her normal work salary. It’s just that the daily salary will be paid in two installments, one is 13 euros from the insurance company and the other is 17 euros from the original company.

Parental Allowance (Elterngeld)

Who can receive it: All mothers with legal residence, whether working mothers or stay-at-home mothers, but the amount received by working mothers and stay-at-home mothers is different.

How long to receive: 12 to 14 months after giving birth. If Dad is not on maternity leave, Mom can only receive a maximum of 12 months. If Dad is also on maternity leave, Dad can also apply for two months of parental allowance.

How much to receive: Working mothers can receive 65% of their usual after-tax salary (salary above 1200 euros) to 67% (salary less than 1200 euros), capped at 1800 euros. A full-time mother can get 300 euros per month

For example, for example,

B mother’s usual after-tax salary is 2000 euros, then her monthly parental gold is 2000 euros X65% = 1300 euros, a total of 1300 euros/month X12 months = 15600 euros

C mother’s usual after-tax salary is 1000 euros, then her monthly parental gold is 1000 euros X67% = 670 euros, a total of 670 euros/month X12 months = 8040 euros

D mother is a full-time mother, no wage income, then her monthly parental gold is 300 euros, a total of 300 euros/month X12 months = 3600 €

If the husbands of the above three mothers are also on maternity leave, they can apply for an additional two months of parental benefit.

Child benefit (Kindergeld)

Who can receive it: All children with legal residence, whether born in Germany or not, regardless of whether they are German or not, can apply

How long: From birth until the age of 18, if they are still in school after the age of 18, they can receive it until the age of 25. Non-German children can receive it according to the time of legal residence, that is, from the legal entry into Germany to the expiration of their residence, they can receive it every month. Even if there is only one day in that month, you will be issued the entire month’s amount.

How much to get: 194 euros per month for the first and second children, 200 euros for the third, and 225 euros for each after the fourth, specifically:

If there is one child in the family, 194 euros per month

If there are two children in the family, 194 euros X2 = 388 euros per month

If there are three children in the family, 194 euros X2 200 euros = 588 euros per month

If there are four children in the family, 194 euros X2 200 euros 225 euros = 813 euros per month

If there are five children in the family, 194 euros X2 200 euros 225 euros 225 euros = 1038 euros

Add this kind of………………………

Is it a rush to get rich by having more children? Having a few more children, you can support your family by just receiving child pension! And the price in Germany is so low that you can reap a lot of happiness after going to the supermarket. So many people who love to have children like to go to Germany, and children are the economic pillar of the family………………………….

Who can receive pension insurance (Rentenversicherung)

Who can receive it: All mothers or fathers with legal residence, and the child was born in Germany

How long to receive it: 36 months after the birth of the child

How much money to receive: The government gives every mother who gives birth to a child free pension insurance for three years, according to the standard of pre-tax income of 2,800 euros. You can enjoy it regardless of whether the mother has worked before, but the pension will not be credited to the mother’s pension account until the child turns three years old in Germany.

For non-German mothers, if they need to apply for a long-term residence in Germany, the 36-month pension insurance can be counted, and the pension insurance requirement of at least 60 months for applying for a long-term residence can be counted.

For German mothers, if they work at the same time during these three years and hand in the original pension insurance, it is equivalent to paying an additional three years of pension insurance for free.

In addition, pregnant mothers can also enjoy some additional free benefits.

For example, all routine maternity check-ups are free as long as you show your medical insurance card throughout pregnancy.

For example, from the second trimester, you can make an appointment with a dedicated midwife, and the list can be asked from a gynecologist or hospital. Before giving birth, you can consult with her about pregnancy, delivery, how to prepare for the new baby, and other issues. During the first and second weeks of your baby’s birth, you can make an appointment with her to visit your home every few days to check on the mother’s body, check and record the growth of the new baby. You can also consult with her about various issues of concern such as breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, baby sleep and feeding, etc. And all the expenses of the midwife are covered by the insurance company, and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

For example, the insurance company will reimburse you for 10 hours of postpartum recovery exercises. Mothers can participate in the postpartum recovery exercise course after 6 weeks of natural delivery or 8-10 weeks of caesarean section. Show your insurance card when registering, and the course institution will automatically settle the fee with the insurance company.

The German government provides mothers with a combined gift package. In fact, many private merchants will also provide small gift packages to mothers and newborn babies. Most of them can get a gift package for pregnant mothers or newborn babies as long as they register on their website during pregnancy. Some merchants will also give gifts at specific times later, such as the baby’s birthday. The gift package usually contains practical mother and baby products or some coupons.

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