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How can I give away the software I bought in the AppStore to others?

A new feature has been added to the Apple AppStore software store:

send ios app as gift

1. Click the drop-down menu of the purchase button, and there will be a “GiftThisApp” option.

2. After selection, you can send the purchased software as a gift to others.

Can Android give Apple the broken moon token?

The answer is no. The broken moon token Android and Apple are two different systems and cannot give gifts to each other. In the game, players need to use the broken moon token of the same system to exchange and give.

Honor of Kings Wish List Can Android Send Apple?

1. Can’t Send Apple. 2. Because Honor of Kings is a mobile game, Android and Apple are two different operating systems, and their app stores and game versions are incompatible, so it is impossible to send Apple on the Android platform. 3. If you want to play Honor of Kings on an Apple device, you can download and install the game in the Apple App Store, and then play the game on the Apple device.

Why can’t iPhone give gifts?

Apple phones can give gifts, but currently they can only be purchased through the Apple App Store and given directly to friends. Apple phones cannot be pre-installed with the third-party app when they leave the factory, so gifts cannot be given directly through the third-party app. At the same time, Apple also has strict Privacy Policy and security measures, which need to protect the privacy and security of users, so it is more cautious in gift giving. If you want to give gifts, you can choose the corresponding gift app or game app in the Apple App Store to buy and give to friends, which is simple, convenient, and more secure.

Can Android q area and Apple Q area send gifts to each other?

Android Q Zone and Apple Q Zone refer to different regions of QQ applications running on different operating systems (Android and Apple). Since Android and Apple are two different operating systems, they have differences in technology implementation and platform policies, therefore, Android Q Zone and Apple Q Zone cannot give gifts to each other in most cases. This is mainly because the app stores and payment systems between Android and Apple are independent, and there are issues of technical compatibility and commercial cooperation. For example, apps on the Android platform may not run directly on the Apple platform, and vice versa. In addition, the payment systems of Android and Apple are also different, which further increases the difficulty of exchanging gifts between different platforms. However, with the development of technology and the increase of cooperation between platforms, it may be possible to realize the gift exchange function between Android Q zone and Apple Q zone in the future. For example, some cross-platform games or social applications have implemented the function of exchanging gifts or data sharing between different operating systems. But at present, this is still a challenging area that requires the joint efforts of platform parties, developers and users to achieve. In short, in most cases, Android Q zone and Apple Q zone cannot send gifts to each other. But this does not mean that this function cannot be realized in the future. We can expect this function to be gradually realized as technology develops and cooperation between platforms increases.

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