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How can pubg give space gifts?

In PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) game, giving space gifts requires the following steps first:

how to send gifts in pubg mobile 0.8

1. Login to the game: First make sure you have the PUBG game installed and running. Then, log in to your game account.

2. Enter the space: In the main interface of the game, click the “space” icon (an icon with a gift box) in the upper right corner to enter your game space.

3. Browse gifts: In the space, you can see various gifts and props. You can view the details of the gift, such as name, effect, price, etc., by clicking on the gift.

4. Select the gift: Select the gift you want to give and click the “Buy” or “Give” button. If you want to give it to a specific friend, please click the “Friend” tab first, and then select the gift recipient from the list.

5. Complete the gift: In the pop-up confirmation window, confirm the gift you want to give and the gift recipient again, and then click the “Confirm” button. The system will automatically deduct the corresponding prop or funds in your account and complete the gift giving.

Please note that giving a space gift may require you to complete some tasks, such as forwarding, recharging, etc. After completing the task, you will receive the corresponding gift reward. At the same time, the function of giving and receiving space gifts may vary depending on the game version, region and other factors, please operate according to the actual situation.

How to give gifts in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

Many mobile games have functions such as friends giving game coins to each other, or stamina points. In “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Stimulating Battlegrounds”, friends can also give each other things. Let’s introduce how to give friends gold coins. How to send friends gold coins:

1. First enter the game homepage, and then select the friend icon in the lower left corner;

2. After entering, select the gold coin icon behind your friend to successfully send friends gold coins.

How to give away pubg jewelry?

1. First log in to your steam account.

2. Enter the steam account homepage. Select a friend.

3. Select the name of the friend you want to give away the item on the friend interface.

4. Select More to initiate transactions

5. Select PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game.

6. Double-click the item you want to give or trade

7. After selecting the item, enter the transaction bar on the right.

8. Then tick (click here to confirm the transaction content). Because the friend item is not selected, it is a gift. Click Confirm.

9. After confirming, (click here to confirm the transaction content) The check has been marked, and then click to initiate the transaction.

10. You need to confirm by email or steam mobile phone here. After confirmation, give it or the transaction is successful.

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