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How did the dragon mother hatch dragons in Game of Thrones?

1. Dragon eggs hatched in flames.

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2. At Drogo’s funeral, Dany (the dragon mother) kills a horse to build a cremation platform, orders the witch Miri to be tied to the stage, places the dragon egg on Drogo’s body, and then shouts to the Dothraki who are still with him to be loyal to him. Then, under the red comet in the night sky, Dany lights a fire and walks into the flames alone.

3. When the flames were finally extinguished after a night of burning and the ground cooled slightly, Jorah found Dany among the ashes. Beside her were charcoal and glowing ashes, as well as the charred bones of men, women, and horses. She was naked, covered in soot, her clothes were all ash, and her beautiful hair was burned… but she herself was safe. The dragon egg was gone, replaced by three newly hatched dragons lying on her body. The real dragon reappeared after hundreds of years of extinction.

How did the Rock Kingdom get magic fossils?

[Mermaid Bay] Water Spirit Stone, click the crab, it climbs into the shell, click the shell again, the crab climbs under the blanket again, click the crab again, it climbs to the whale and buries itself in the sand.

Click the sand again, the crab comes out to beg for mercy and gets the water spirit stone. Philosopher’s Stone, click the mermaid statue next to the piano, it’s getting dark, just make up the staff the correct way. [ Shop Street] wooden board, there is a house under construction, there is a wooden bucket next to the house, point the wooden bucket, whether with the palm or the foot, open it to get the wooden board [Circus] water drop, there is also a water drop in the circus in the shop street map, click the bell of the hat on the door clown’s head to clamp the clown’s nose, and finally click the left eye to have it. [Snowman Valley] Water Spirit Stone, point the fishing line of the bear fishing by the water, and the water spirit stone will appear. Philosopher’s Stone, click the big snowball on the road, roll it around on the ice and come back to grow, and then click the snowball of the child in blue and purple clothes on the VS igloo, roll down and pile up into a snowman on the road, point the red scarf of the doll at the door of the igloo, float it on the snowman, and then the snowman dances in circles. You can get the Philosopher’s Stone when you’re done. [Theme Park] is between Yeti Valley and the stadium. Click on the bird above the brick siege. The bird flies into the balloon, lights the balloon, and the bird flies out again. By the way, it floats down its feathers and lands below. There is a speaker in the lower right corner of the theme park. Click on it, and the score will appear. Arrange it in the correct position to get a Philosopher’s Stone. [Experimental Workshop] is on the map of the Royal Academy. Go in and click on the tablecloth, and a bunch of minions will appear, hitting each other. Click again, and there will be a Philosopher’s Stone after typing. [Astrology Station] Philosopher’s Stone, go in and click on the globe, saying that it needs to connect five-pointed stars. Just connect the biggest and brightest stars into five-pointed stars. It’s very simple, don’t forget to connect the towers on Earth as well. After connecting, exit to get the Philosopher’s Stone. Fire Spirit Stone, there is a beam of blue light above the globe, click on it to shoot at the purple crab, and click on the purple crab to shoot at another one. Continue to click to transfer to the blue should be the human horse, and the previous crab should be a cancer. Click on the companion of the human horse, and finally shoot, and fall to the middle of the round blanket. Get the fire spirit stone. [Emmett Mountain Ridge] Click on the scarecrow by the bridge, see the pattern of a straw hat on his head, and then click on the straw hat on the bridge to get the leaves. [Wonderful House] Go in and light the candle at the door in the Royal Research Institute map, illuminating the first floor, and then the mirror with the hand is the mirror with a red on it. You can see that there are also candles on the second floor. Light the candles on the second floor, and the second floor is half lit. If you want to be fully lit, click on the black-and-white boundary, the curtain is pulled up, and the light shines in. Click on the little penguin wrapped in a bandage on the table on the second floor, and get the cloth strip. In the Treasure box on the far left of the second floor, you can find a Philosopher’s Stone. Click on the monster on the right of the second floor, it says it wants to break free from the seal. Click on it again, and you can see the round blanket on the second floor glowing. Click on the glow. The room went dark. It turns out that there is a magnifying glass on the first floor where the broom is placed. Click magnifying glass, move to a purple safe-like place with white stars on it directly in front of the first floor, and then move to the bottom right corner, where there is a green mummy under the stairs. Find green stones, and then move to the rabbit with glasses on the table on the second floor, and find red ones. Click on the stone after each discovery. Finally, the stones converge on the blanket and shoot light at the monster. Get a magic stone. [Pet Garden] You can get two magic stones. The magic stone is to first scoop water from the ground into the pump, then draw water into the bucket, press four or five times to fill the bucket, and pour the bucket into the sink on the side to get a magic stone. Fill the water again, fill it up and pour it to the side where there are footprints on the road, and you can get another magic stone. The feather is to click the bird on the tree, and then click it after it falls. Just leave a feather. The earth spirit stone is obtained by ordering a gray mushroom. (Note that the point is correct, it is a gray mushroom, and if you click wrong, it will be gone. Then it shows that you picked the wrong mushroom last time, and I can’t give you a gift this time. Come back tomorrow.) [Botanical Garden] Move the mouse to find that there is a water gun in the grass at the bottom left. Click the water gun, and hit it for more than 20 times. The leaves dropped by the plants float to the yellow flower edge to the right of the water gun. Click to get the leaves. There is a feather on the ground, click on it, and find that the feather naturally moves to the flower in the middle. Click on the feather, let the flower sneeze, fall to the ground, and pick up the petals. It turns out that there is a green plant on top of the flower, wrapped like a bamboo shoot, and the one that shines when the mouse is moved up. Click six to jump out of the little guy, and click on this little guy to get the wood spirit stone. [Peter Avenue] At the entrance of Wisdom Publishing House, there is a bird house, which is the one with bows and balloons tied. Click to see a little bird. Said it was hungry and wanted fruit to eat. Click on the blue tree near the Holy Church on the edge of the balloon, and it will grow into a big tree at once. It bears fruit. Move the fruit to the bird, and the bird will eat it, and there will be a feather. [Locke Bank] As soon as you enter the door, there is a $sign on the door frame. Click on it, click six, and the light stone will roll down the left step. [Creative Garden] Through the road between Holmes’ House of Commerce and Holy Church on Peter Avenue, you can reach the plant with three flowers in the middle of the screen. Click three times, and the plant will run away! Leave a leaf behind. [ Jump Market] Click on the light on the billboard, facing the bird opposite, and then click on the mirror on the billboard below, and the feathers of the bird are burned with a focus, and the feathers are floating down. Click on the horn next to Lawrence, click a few more times, a small thing under the wooden bridge fell and ran into the horn, click the horn again, and spray him and an egg out. Click to get the earth spirit stone. There is a cat watching the fish on the roof of the house in the distance. As a result, a big octopus came out, startled the cat, fell down the house, and dropped something. Click on the unconscious cat to go, and then click on that thing, it turned out to be the earth spirit stone. [Sky City] In the sky city, there is a cloud sleeping in the middle, click on it. Breathe out six small white clouds. There is a dark cloud coming to eat. Move the small white cloud to the big white cloud and it will be fine. All protection will get 3 magic stones. One of them will get 1 magic stone if it is eaten. [Stadium] There is a table on the left side that pampered thousands. Click it, and press OK in the signature column to get 1 magic stone. [Emmett Mountains] There is a scarecrow in the middle. Click it to show the hat. Click the straw hat on the bridge on the left. The hat flies to the scarecrow and gets a leaf. [Library] After entering, click the candle on the left, and then light the eight icons on the wall in turn. For example, click the star on the left, click the sun star on the right, and click down in turn to get a magic stone.

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