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How do I reply to him when a girl sends a cake?

The girl sends you a picture of the cake, indicating that his birthday is coming soon, reminding you not to forget. You can reply to him, you don’t need to send me this, I know it’s your birthday soon, I will give you a birthday gift and buy you a big cake. We will be very happy on our birthday together, and this girl will be happy too.

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Send a cake to my aunt Moments?

Auntie, on this day of your birthday, I will give you happy music notes as a gift. May you have 365 beautiful days. On this day full of joy, I sincerely wish you: Youth lasts forever, and I would like to bring you a peace and joy quietly. Here I sincerely wish you —- Happy birthday, happy every day, good health, youth forever, and happiness forever!

pubg How to throw a cup cake to the gift box?

In the PUBG game, throwing a cup or cake to the gift box is actually very simple. First, players need to buy gifts such as cups or cakes from the game store.

Next, find any gift box in the game and open it.

Then, in the interface of opening the gift box, players can choose to throw purchased gifts into the gift box.

After choosing the gift, just click the throw button. In this way, players can throw their purchased gifts into the gift box to add some fun to themselves or their teammates.

Just talked about a boyfriend who bought him a cake for nearly 300 yuan. How many red envelopes are being sent…

Answer: Boyfriend has cakes and gifts for his birthday. If it is a red envelope, you can choose a number with a good meaning, such as 520 yuan, which means I love you, and let your boyfriend know your heart. He will love you more. If the economy is tight and you have already bought a cake, sending 199 yuan can also mean a long time. 188 yuan, 166 means that Liuliu goes well, it is all your heart. Your boyfriend will be happy and like it

What gift should you give for your brother’s birthday?

Brother, you can give a red envelope for your birthday. The first choice is that people can buy whatever they want, which is the most affordable. If you must give gifts, you may have to evaluate your financial strength.

You can buy a limited edition sneaker, boys should like this, and you can’t bring your girlfriend as a stingy gift.

If you have average financial strength, you can give a skin, which should be affordable.

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