Holiday gifts

How do you get things to give to others?


send gift directly to recipient

Get Things is a second-hand item trading platform, so you can’t give gifts directly to friends. However, you can buy gifts on Get Things and then send them to friends, or let friends buy the gifts they want on Get Things.


Get Things can be given to friends through the following steps: Select the item you want to give – click the “Give” button – enter your friend’s Get Things account number – click the “Confirm Gift” button. This process is very simple and can be completed quickly. Gift giving is a basic function in the Dewu community. Dewu will provide users with convenient and quick ways to give gifts, help users better interact with friends and enhance friendship. Dewu also provides a “wish list” function, which allows users to add items they want to the list. This list can be shared with friends to achieve better gift giving results. At the same time, users can also view and track their gift giving records in the record page after giving gifts, so that they can better understand their social situation.


There are two ways to give gifts to friends: direct gift and auction gift. First, direct gift is done through the “Give” button in the friend list. Select the item you want to give and enter your friend’s username, and click “Give”. This method is more direct and suitable for small gift exchanges between friends. Secondly, the auction gift is completed through the auction system of the item. The user auctions the item you want to give, and the friend bids at the lowest bid. After the auction is successful, the user can give the item to the friend who has successfully bid. This method is suitable for the exchange of more precious items and gifts of greater value. It should be noted that before giving the item, you must ensure that the account status of yourself and your friend is normal, otherwise it will affect the gift giving process.

Teachers’ Day gifts can be sent by courier?

Teachers’ Day is a festival to express gratitude to teachers, and giving gifts is one of the ways. It is okay to send gifts by courier, but the following points need to be noted:

1. Gift Wrapping: Gifts need to be carefully wrapped to avoid damage or deformation during shipping. Choose appropriate packaging materials and methods to ensure that the gift reaches the recipient safely.

2. Courier Selection: Choose a reputable courier company and ensure that the courier service can reach the recipient in time. It is best to send gifts a few days before Teachers’ Day to avoid delays during peak courier periods.

3. Gift List: Attach a greeting card or gift list to the gift to express your gratitude to the teacher, and write your name and contact information on it so that the recipient can reply.

4. Gift Selection: The choice of gifts should take into account the teacher’s interests and career characteristics, and try to choose practical and meaningful gifts, rather than gifts that are too expensive or too personalized.

In conclusion, it is OK for Teachers’ Day to use express delivery to send gifts, but you need to pay attention to the details of gift packaging, express delivery selection, gift delivery list, and gift selection to ensure that the gift can be delivered safely and express your gratitude.

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