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How do you give 188-1314-520 gifts in Paipai?

188 is 188 diamonds, use diamonds to buy gifts, and so on 1314 is 1314 diamonds, 520 is 520 diamonds.

how can i send gift card to someone

Basic introduction: Paipai is a mobile entertainment chat social app. Mainly through chat bars, chat about topics you are interested in anytime, anywhere, give your favorite TA virtual gifts, and meet a group of new friends in different regions and interests in Paipai. Sharing the beautiful clicks of life through wonderful pictures and text, enjoying other friends’ personalized profiles and life albums, sending free text and voice messages through dispatch, and meeting people with common topics in the form of free calls to achieve the most efficient, is a fashionable and novel social APP that every young person aspires to have.

What is the best way to say when sending a shopping card to a leader?

Giving gifts to a leader is the most testing of people’s eyesight and eloquence. Watertight, moisturizing and silent, accepting the party with a smile, giving gifts to love is the highest state of gift-giving. To get this state, you must have a high IQ and emotional intelligence and years of gift-giving experience.

Do you know the story of Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty wandering around with his civil and military officials during the Three Kingdoms period? Later, some strategists suggested that Cao Cao take Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty to Xu Du for worship, and proudly achieve the political goal of “taking the Son of Heaven to order the princes” and “serving the Son of Heaven to order no ministers”. The result was indeed achieved. But as the son of the Han Dynasty, Emperor Xian of the Han fled in a hurry, abandoned his royal utensils and squatted in the fields like ordinary people, and the so-called “Son of Heaven’s majesty” was completely lost. How to make the emperor have face, and he also has face, Cao Cao thought of a way to buy a whole set of new imperial utensils for Emperor Xian of Han, and gave Emperor Xian of Han a memorial “Sparse the Miscellaneous Objects”, which wrote: Our Cao family has felt the royal grace for many years, and these utensils were given to our family by the emperor back then. We didn’t dare to use them, and we have been offering them all the time. Now that the emperor is in trouble, taking them out and presenting them to the emperor is to return the goods to the original owner, hoping that the emperor will accept them. You see, people’s words have covered the emperor’s face and his own face, and the emperor is not easy to refuse, so he can only keep saying to the ministers: Cao Gong is loyal, he is a minister of the great sweat, and he must be reused. Therefore, a crazy prime minister, this is the name of Prime Minister Cao. With this title, he fought and fought at a distance, some officials made a wish, some military crusade, and unified northern China in more than ten years, becoming a famous minister in history.

I said a lot, I don’t know if you have been inspired. The most important thing in giving gifts to leaders is to make them accept it, don’t let him think that you are bribing, but let him feel that you are a good person, and you must reuse you. Please be careful.

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