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How do you tell the other party when you give a gift to a leader anonymously?

You can send a message to the leader, be sure to make it clear the specific time, and ask the leader to pay attention to accepting a package at this time. For example, you can say: xxx Hello leader! Excuse me! Please remember to receive a package at 3:30 pm tomorrow, without the name written on it. This is my little thought, I hope you will like it when the time comes.

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What does it mean to send dried lotus seeds anonymously?

Sending dried lotus seeds anonymously is a mysterious behavior, usually indicating that the giver does not want to expose his identity. Sending dried lotus seeds is a traditional gift, which means peace, health and longevity. Therefore, giving dried lotus seeds anonymously may be an attempt to express blessings in this way, but you are unwilling to reveal your identity.

This behavior may originate from traditional Chinese culture, which emphasizes modesty, caution and inconspicuousness. At the same time, anonymous gift giving can also avoid unnecessary troubles and disputes caused by gift giving. In short, sending dried lotus seeds anonymously is a mysterious and meaningful behavior.

How to give gifts unknowingly?

1. Anonymous gift giving: You can choose not to sign the gift, and send it directly to the other party by mail or other means, so that the other party can experience the surprise and protect your privacy.

2. Third-party transmission: You can convey gifts and blessings to you through some intermediaries or friends, and ask the other party to keep it confidential.

3. Choose a hidden location to give gifts: You can choose to give gifts in less crowded or more private occasions, such as secretly placing gifts at the other party’s door in the dead of night.

In any case, please pay attention to consider the other party’s feelings about accepting gifts, and ensure that your actions are legal compliance and social ethics.

Can the number of gifts given by the audience be hidden?

The number of gifts given by the audience can be hidden. On live broadcasts or other interactive platforms, viewers can choose not to disclose the amount or quantity of their gifts. Some platforms also offer the option to give gifts anonymously. In addition, live streaming hosts can also set the number of viewer gifts not to be displayed to protect viewer privacy. However, some platforms require live streaming hosts to disclose the number of viewer gifts, depending on the regulations and policies of different platforms.

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