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How does Amazon withdraw payment?

When selling as a seller on Amazon, you need to know how to withdraw payment. On Amazon, each seller is assumed to have a personal account or a store account, and the withdrawal method is slightly different for the two accounts.

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For personal accounts, the withdrawal methods are divided into:

1. On a two-week settlement cycle, Amazon summarizes all sales and withdrawals, and deposits the total amount of withdrawals (minus various fees and fees for all orders, etc.) into the Amazon account balance on the 14th settlement date.

2. When your Amazon account balance exceeds 1,000 yuan, you can apply for a withdrawal and apply in the “account info” – “Cash Withdrawal” in the seller center. After applying, the amount will be remitted to your bound bank card within 5 working days.

For store accounts, the withdrawal amount is automatically calculated by Amazon every day, but manual withdrawal is required. Store sellers can withdraw money in the “Merchant Account” page. Shop sellers need to pay attention when withdrawing cash: each withdrawal amount must not be less than 100 yuan, otherwise it will not be completed; each withdrawal amount must not exceed 90% of the store balance, and 9 withdrawal requests can be initiated before the monthly invoicing date.

It should be noted that Amazon’s cancellation of orders, refunds, etc. may affect the withdrawal of payment. Please check in the seller center for details.

Amazon, when will the money arrive in the seller’s account?

Generally speaking, Amazon will deposit the seller’s sales income into the seller’s bank account 14 days after you register the seller’s platform. Subsequently, the settlement process is repeated every 14 days. Please note the following points:

1. The account balance is at least 25 yuan. Commission fees and customer refunds (if any) will affect the seller’s balance.

2. In the seller platform, enter the valid information of your bank account in China. To obtain more information, please refer to the bank account info. After the settlement is completed, Amazon will publish the settlement report in the “Reports” section of the seller platform and deposit the sales revenue into the seller’s bank account through bank transfer.

From the time of the bank transfer, generally after 6-10 working days, the funds can reach the seller’s bank account. Please note: Public holidays will affect the remittance of funds, and the arrival time will be delayed by 6-10 working days.

In addition, it depends on the payment method used. If you choose to pay online, it will generally arrive 7 working days after the return and refund. If it is cash on delivery, it will be returned to the gift card after the return is processed. No matter what the delivery method is, Amazon will notify you by email.

Extended Information:

Amazon’s payment process:

The money the buyer pays for the order will be deposited into Amazon first, and they will pay the seller every once in a while. Amazon’s payment cycle is 14 days, and there are two payment cycles:

<7/27 – 8/10: Last payment cycle, on the 8th/11th, amazon will transfer the money paid by the buyer to the bound Payoneer account after deducting various fees.

<8/10 – 8/27, the current payment cycle, assuming today is 8/13, amazon has not made the payment to the seller, then the money temporarily stored in amazon is called the account balance.

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