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How does Animal Crossing give gifts?

Animal Crossing gives gifts Method steps:

how do i send gifts to friends in animal crossing

Give in person

Go to the small animal to talk, there will be an option to accept this in the selection that appears, click and choose the gift from the backpack. If this option does not appear in the dialogue, it means that the relationship between the two parties is not good enough. Players need to go to the small animal to chat more, and they can give it in person after a few days;

Airport Send a letter

Go to the airport in the game, then choose to send a postcard, choose the recipient, and attach an item. After choosing the items you want to give and sending the letter, the little animals will receive the player’s gift;

Giving gifts to improve favorability

Giving gifts to animals is also one of the social gameplay of this game. When we invite animals to live on the island, we usually have to talk to them to develop favorability. Giving gifts is one of the most important elements to improve favorability.

Giving gifts through dialogue

In the early stage of the game, there will be two primitive islanders on the island, who can talk to them by approaching the little animals. After the conversation, there will be corresponding options. Click when you see the gift item, open your backpack, select one of the items, and click to send it Just give it away, and the little animals will be very happy to receive the gifts from the players.

How to give a friend the Guangyu Bunny Headgear?

The Guangyu Bunny Headgear is a special gift that can only be given to a friend through a portal. Here are the steps to send the Guangyu Bunny Headgear to a friend: 1. First, you need to find a portal in the game with your friend. The portal can usually be found in a specific location in the game, such as a mountain top or a flying island. You can ask your friend where to find a portal. 2. Once you find the portal, you need to form a team of you and your friend and enter the portal together. Before entering the portal, make sure that you and your friend are on the same server, which can be achieved by selecting the same area or server. 3. Once you enter the portal, you will be teleported to a new place, which is a shared space. You can find some small animals and quests here. 4. In this shared space, you need to find a gift box with a light encounter bunny headdress. The gift box will usually be hidden in a corner of the map, you need to search carefully. 5. After finding the gift box, you need to click on it, and then select the option of “To a friend”. Select the friend you want to give a gift to in the pop-up friend list. 6. After selecting a friend, you will see a confirmation interface showing the Guangyu Bunny headdress you want to send. Click OK and the gift will be given to your friend. 7. Once you have successfully sent the gift, your friend will receive a message informing them that you have given them a gift. They can find the gift in the game and use it. It is important to note that the Guangyu Bunny headdress can only be given to friends, not strangers. Make sure that you and your friend are both on the same server and fully abide by the game rules and guidelines in the game.

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