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How does Bilibili get coins?


how much xp for sending gifts

Coins can basically be understood as a higher value like for big ups. In the past, Bilibili did not have a video like mechanism, so if you want to support a video, you can only put coins. Coins are a feature and do not conflict with the like mechanism very much (after all, normal people only have one coin a day, but likes are randomly ordered), so they are retained. Of course, the number of coins put in will also determine the income of the up owner. So for up owners, coins are really money in a sense. For ordinary people, the use of coins can be more. There are also those big up owners here, but maybe they don’t need to worry about running out of coins. First, the coin will increase the experience (it should be 10xp per coin and then capped at 50xp per day). Experience is the thing you use to upgrade. At the same time, for every coin you put, the object of the coin will receive 0. 1 coin (which is why the big up doesn’t have to worry about running out of coins at all) and gain experience (which is why the big up upgrades so fast) Second, this coin can be exchanged for silver melon seeds, gifts in the live stream (although these gifts generally seem useless), and then some fancy uses, such as changing the theme color, deleting videos, etc.


When the membership level is LV0, the coin reward cannot be obtained; when the membership level is ≥ LV1 and the bound mobile phone, the coin reward can be obtained by logging in every day; UP owners can also get more coins by submitting videos in addition to the above methods (10% of the audience’s coins will be used as the UP master coin income reward)

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