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How does Mole Manor send clothes?

Mole Manor is a game in which players can send clothes to animal characters. The way to send clothes is as follows: 1. Enter the Mole Manor game and find the animal character you want to give clothes to. 2. Click on the animal character to open the interface of talking to it. 3. In the dialogue interface, you will see a clothes icon, click on it. 4. In the clothes option, you can choose the clothes you already have or buy new clothes. 5. Select the clothes you want to give to the animal and click the confirm button. 6. The clothes will be automatically given to the animal character, and it may put on clothes or thank you for the gift. Note: In Mole Manor, some animal characters may not accept or dislike certain clothes. So before giving clothes, you can observe the animal’s preferences and the clothes you have already worn, and choose suitable clothes for them.

animal crossing how to send gift to friend

My brother is going to Ethiopia to go abroad. What gifts can I take away and be useful?

To go to Ethiopia, you need to bring the following items:

1. Prepare some first aid medicines by yourself. The medical facilities in this country are not very perfect. There are many types of local diseases. It is very useful to pay more attention when traveling abroad and prepare necessary medicines.

2. The local driving rules are the same as in China. Drive on the right, but the local people do not strictly abide by the rules. You must be careful when driving here.

3. The water quality here is not suitable for drinking. Drink local bottled mineral water, and don’t forget to wash your hands and face when you return to your place of residence outside.

4. Prepare some thin sweaters when traveling. This needs to be worn in the morning and evening. If the weather is sunny during the day, you can wear a cotton shirt in spring and autumn to hang out.

In Ethiopia, fasting is held every Wednesday and Friday. Meat food is not allowed at this time. The locals say that any substances on animals or after processing are not allowed to be eaten. They do not like to pass items with their left hand. The locals think this behavior is very impolite. You should pay attention to this when eating locally.

The story of the big bad wolf delivering the courier?

The big bad wolf’s birthday is coming, and the animals in the forest have sent him birthday gifts.

Early in the morning, the courier uncle rang the doorbell. ” Ding Ding Ding Ding “The big bad wolf thought it must be my birthday gift. The big bad wolf opened the door with great interest. Sure enough, the courier uncle took a gift and asked the big bad wolf to sign for it!

The big bad wolf received the gift and couldn’t wait to know what it was, so he opened the box and saw that it was a pair of pants.

But the big bad wolf had never worn the pants. This time, he was puzzled:” Alas! Where should the pants go in? “The big bad wolf took the new pants and looked left, looked right, and compared the pants to the tail.” Hey! The pants are as long as the tail, just on the tail. ” The big bad wolf put a set of pants on the tail, “Hey, that’s not right, why can only wear half of these pants?”

The big bad wolf was confused, picked up the pants and looked at them again, put a set in his hand, and went to eat proudly. “Oh! Why can’t you stretch out your two hands?” The big bad wolf was more and more confused. “How to wear the pants? Hey, there is a big mouth on these pants, and there are two’ears’, which just fit on the head, and the two trouser legs just fit the ears.” The big bad wolf put the pants on the head again. Hey! It really works, it’s not big or small, it just fits on the head, and the two ears are also “worn” into the trousers.

The big bad wolf looked and looked in front of the mirror, very satisfied, and then went out with his handbag. Along the way, the little animals smiled and leaned back when they saw the big bad wolf’s clothes. When the big bad wolf saw it, he thought to himself, “My new pants must be so beautiful that the little animals are envious.” The heart was even more proud.

“Mom, look, the big bad wolf’s pants are on his head.” The little rabbit said to his mother.

“Hey! Big bad wolf, your pants are wrong!” The mother rabbit shouted at the big bad wolf.

The big bad wolf heard this and his face flushed red. ” Don’t be embarrassed, let’s help you! “The little animal helped the big bad wolf put on the pants, which were neither big nor small, and fit perfectly.

The big bad wolf suddenly realized: the pants were not put on the tail, nor on the head, but on the two legs.

After the big bad wolf put on the pants, he looked and looked in front of the mirror, and it really looked much better than before, and the pants could keep the legs warm when worn on the legs. He liked this gift very much.

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