Holiday gifts

How many kinds of gifts are good? Why is even number the best?

Two or four pieces. The meaning of good things in pairs.

etiquette if you send wedding gift to hous3

Gift-giving skills:

First, don’t give too expensive gifts. Under normal circumstances, the gifts you choose should not be too expensive, otherwise it will bring unnecessary trouble to the leader. But it should not be too light, and things that are too light are more difficult to express. Generally speaking, the value of the gift is about 10% of the recipient’s monthly salary, so the value of the gift is not light or heavy.

Second, don’t choose the wrong gift-giving time. To express sincere gratitude to the leader, it is best to take advantage of the festive festival or the leader’s birthday banquet to give gifts, and avoid giving gifts abruptly. Otherwise, it is easy to make the leader doubt the gifting motive, and the result will be counterproductive.

Third, do not give necessities of life. When giving gifts to leaders, pay attention to the word “gift”, not the word “product”. Gifts represent the mind, and products represent the real thing. It is enough to express your own feelings. Therefore, general necessities of life, durable consumer goods, such as rice cookers, and mp3s are not suitable for giving. If the leader likes to read, then choose a set of hardcover books with collection value to give, which is a good gift.

Gift-giving Speech:

Skill 1: The purpose of gift-giving must be expressed clearly. Whether it is emotional exchange or other gift-giving purposes, you must express your purpose clearly. Don’t give confused gifts, as it will be inexplicable for others to accept and more likely to be rejected.

Skill 2: Be humble and sincere in attitude. Gift-giving is to let the recipient feel your sincerity and blessings. If you give gifts with an arrogant attitude, most people will not accept it, especially for leaders. Even if the leader praises you, you must show a humble attitude and thank you.

Skill 3: Speak generously and appropriately, and pay attention to intonation, speed and wording. Let the recipient feel your true feelings and sincerity, and be happy and moved by what you have given. Behavior should be generous, and do not sneak gifts under the table or in any corner.

How to give gifts for wedding events?

Gifts for wedding events depend on the specific situation and cannot be generalized. Different wedding events have different etiquette and cultural backgrounds, and cannot be generalized. For example, wedding gifts generally need to be handed in by the family. Items such as furniture and electrical appliances in the wedding room are given in cash, while gifts such as flowers and other bright colors cannot be given in funeral etiquette. In the event of a wedding, the value of the gift should not be too high. Extravagance and waste not only embarrass the recipient of the gift, but also may cause unnecessary conflicts. At the same time, different regions and customs of different etiquette are also different, and the local cultural background should be respected, which is the appropriate way to give gifts.

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