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How much is the Macau business visa?

About 1000 or so 1 Provide the original ID card the pass/scanned account book the electronic version of the 2-inch white background photo; you need to sign the contract to pay the deposit in advance. 2. Guests go to the interview location at the specified time, and pay the balance after the interview. 3. The local public security bureau will send the Hong Kong and Macau pass with the business endorsement to the guests (guests can also go to the scene to pick it up by themselves, but the issuance time is slow). The above visa fees or requirements are subject to change, subject to customer service confirmation and notification. Precautions 1. If there is bad information such as criminal records and economic disputes, it cannot be handled; 2. Xinjiang/Tibet and other provinces or ethnic minorities are subject to change at any time, please call to confirm! 3. No criminal record/no blacklist at the pass (if you leave the country in 7/14 days each time, you will be blacklisted); 4. No other place to register (the previous business card has not exceeded one year); 5. Can not be a civil servant;

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What materials need to be submitted and Solomon Islands visa?

When submitting a Solomon Islands visa application, the following materials are usually required:

Passport: valid period of at least six months, and at least two consecutive blank pages.

Visa Application Form: Complete the visa application form, including personal information, travel plans, etc.

Photo: Provide passport size photos taken in the last three months.

Itinerary Arrangement: Provide proof of round-trip air ticket reservation or itinerary arrangement.

Proof of Hotel Reservation: Provide confirmation letter of hotel reservation or proof of hotel advance payment.

Proof of Financial Resources: Provide proof such as bank statement, proof of deposit or credit card statement that you have sufficient financial resources to cover the travel expenses.

Proof of Work or Student Proof: If the applicant is a working person, provide proof of employment issued by the employer; if it is a student, provide student proof.

Visa Fee: Pay the visa application fee. The payment method may vary depending on the application location.

Please note that the specific required materials may vary depending on personal circumstances, visa type, application location and other factors. It is recommended to consult the Solomon Islands embassy or consulate in your country or official website before submitting a visa application to obtain the latest visa requirements and application process.

Can Ren Woxing buy high-speed rail tickets?

Yes, Ctrip gift cards (Ren Woxing) can be paid for: air tickets, prepaid hotels, visas, cruises, free travel packages (machine wine, scenery wine), tourism, travel group buying, travel insurance, car services, prepaid tickets and other product orders. ( Note: Some air tickets, some tickets, some car products, group buying China-Africa tourism products, bank exclusive travel products and other special products do not support any gift card payment for the time being).

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