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How to advertise selling oil tires and giving things away?

1. Make attractive advertising slogans: for example, “Buy oil tires and give beautiful gifts!” or “Take care of your car, choose us! Buy oil tires, and the gifts will not stop!”

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2. Take advantage of social media: Post advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., so that more people can see it.

3. Make flyers: Distribute flyers in the store or surrounding areas to let people passing by know about the discounts.

4. Hang banners: Hang banners at the door of the store or in a prominent position to attract the attention of pedestrians.

5. Collaborate with local radio stations: Play advertisements on radio stations to expand the scope of publicity.

6. Provide coupons: After consumers buy oil tires, they can get coupons, which can be used on their next purchase.

7. Hold events: For example, buying oil tires can participate in a raffle to win beautiful gifts.

8. Collaborate with auto repair shops: Collaborate with local auto repair shops to jointly promote the event.

9. Make video ads: Make an interesting video ad and post it on video platforms such as YouTube.

10. Direct marketing by email: Send an email to existing customers to inform them of the offer.

How to share the couple yellow diamond?

Regarding this issue, the couple yellow diamond can be shared in the following ways:

1. Sharing in QQ space: Post a display picture or screenshot of the couple yellow diamond in QQ space, and attach a text description to let friends know your couple identity.

2. WeChat Moments Sharing: Post a photo of the couple yellow diamond in WeChat Moments, with text to express your sweetness and happiness.

3. Social Media Sharing: Share the photo or screenshot of the couple yellow diamond to Weibo, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to let more people know your couple identity.

4. Short Video Sharing: Make a short video about the couple yellow diamond and share it to Douyin, Kuaishou and other short video platforms to let more people appreciate your couple yellow diamond.

5. Display in Online Game: If you got the couple yellow diamond in the game, you can show it in the public channel or community in the game to let other players know your special identity.

No matter which way you choose to share your couple’s yellow diamonds, you must pay attention to protecting your privacy and security and avoid leaking personal information.

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