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How to apply for a visa to Israel? I want to go to the State of Israel to see one?

Go to the Israeli embassy for normal processing. Entering Israel is actually very simple. Immigration officials will not ask questions. Now entering and leaving Israel will not be stamped on the passport. Give a small blue strip when entering the country. Remember to keep it safe. Staying in a hotel may require a copy of the passport. When leaving the country, there will be an extra session for the securityofficer to ask questions before checking in at the airport. I have only encountered this in Israel. It roughly asks you who you are with these days, whether your luggage is packed by yourself, and whether anyone has sent gifts (if there are gifts, you may be asked to open the box for inspection. It is said that it is to prevent someone from sending dangerous goods). Unfortunately, I have the entry and exit records of Saudi Arabia and Iran in my passport, and I was also questioned about the details of going to these countries. In addition, there is nothing special. There is no poke on the exit. The exit is a small vermicelli

What is the company of snappy?

Ningbo Snappy Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Snappy) is a company specializing in the design, installation, research and development of various coils of LED optoelectronics, and the production and deep processing of wire harnesses. The products are used in various lighting electronic products and various electrical appliances, instrumentation, auto parts and other industries. The company is located at No. 56 Keda Road, Ningbo High-tech Zone, with a beautiful environment. There are more than 300 employees, including more than 40 Product Research

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