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How to connect the Starbucks keyboard to the mobile phone?

To connect the Starbucks keyboard to the mobile phone, first make sure that the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on. Then open the settings of the mobile phone, enter the Bluetooth settings page, and search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Find and click Connect “Starbucks Keyboard” in the search results. You may need to enter the pairing code to confirm. Generally, the pairing code is the default “0000” or “1234”. After the connection is successful, the mobile phone will show that it is connected to the Starbucks keyboard, and you can start typing text or operations on the mobile phone. Remember to cancel the connection in time after use to avoid power consumption.

send a starbucks gift card text

What is the Alipay coffee milk tea heart card?

Alipay Coffee and Milk Tea Card is a gift card that can be consumed in some coffee shops, milk tea shops and restaurants under Alibaba. It can be used as a way to give gifts or for your own use. You can choose a virtual card or a physical card. The styles and uses of the card surface are relatively rich. The specific features are as follows:

1. It can be used in stores of Starbucks, HEYTEA, Nayuki, Haidilao and other brands under Alibaba, including coffee, tea drinks, fast food and other consumption.

2. The amount of the card can be freely selected, and the card surface can also be customized according to holiday themes such as birthdays, festivals and Valentine’s Day.

3. It can be set as a gift card to send away, and give text or voice blessings.

4. It can be purchased and registered on the Internet or brick and mortar store.

5. There are various payment methods, and Alipay, Huabei, etc. can be used to pay.

In short, Alipay coffee milk tea heart card is a more convenient way of consumption. It integrates consumption cards of multiple brands into one platform, providing users with more choices and transaction convenience, and also bringing more traffic and customers to merchants.

WeChat How to buy gift cards?

The “Social Gift Experience” page can be opened through the following two entrances.

– Periodic entrances: Me – Wallet – List of third-party services – Starbucks (limited-time promotion)

– “Starbucks China” official WeChat official account – Menu bar – Say with stars

2. Choose a single cup of coffee or “Star Gift Card” (stored value card), and give it to WeChat friends after online payment. You can also use different themes to convey different thoughts.

3. On the “Leave a Blessing” page, attach text, photos, or a video to pass on your thoughts to TA.

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