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How to distribute flyers more effectively?

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1. Find a location with high traffic to distribute.

2. Targeted distribution.

If you are in the catering industry, then go to the food city to distribute. If you are opening a fast food restaurant, don’t go to a five-star hotel to distribute it. Those people won’t come to eat.

If you are opening a clothing store, you must go to the shopping mall to distribute it. If you are just opening a miscellaneous clothing store, don’t go to the luxury street to distribute it. Those people will not go to your store to buy clothes.

This is to find accurate customers. The orientation should be accurate and meticulous. The more meticulous the effect, the better.

3. Find people with high value or characteristics to distribute.

This is an era of looking at the appearance. At first glance, the people who distribute flyers have low appearance, and many people are too lazy to stretch their hands to pick up the brochure.

People with characteristics do not say that they dye their yellow hair and hit a few nose nails, which scare people away. People with characteristics refer to people who wear a teddy bear or the like, so that everyone thinks it is very cute, and they can’t see it anyway if they have low appearance.


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What gifts do you give when a friend’s fast food restaurant opens?

1 You can consider sending some practical gifts, such as thermos cups, mobile phone holders, U disks, etc. 2 The reason for sending these gifts is that fast food restaurants, as a merchant, should take into account the actual needs of customers. Sending practical gifts can increase customer goodwill and loyalty. 3 In addition, fast food restaurants can also customize gifts according to their own characteristics, such as sending some snacks or meal vouchers, which can let customers know more about fast food restaurant products and services, deepen their impression, and promote brand promotion.

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