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How to enchant weapons in Final Fantasy 15?

In Final Fantasy 15, enchantment weapons need to be done by using a magic bottle. First, you need to find the magic bottle in the game and fill it with magic.

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Then, go to the weapon store, select the weapon that needs to be enchanted, and select the “Enchantment” option.

Select the desired enchantment effect in the interface, then select the magic bottle and use it to successfully enchant the weapon. Different magic bottles have different effects, you can choose different enchantment effects according to your needs.

Final Fantasy 15 Rare Metal Obtained?

On the nearby ruins ground, it is refreshed randomly.

Wandering around the corner of Hammerhead Shark Town is also available.

This kind of thing will randomly appear in every stronghold, and it will also be available in the wild. See RP.

How to get rare metals in Final Fantasy 15?

In Final Fantasy 15, rare metals can be obtained by following these steps:

First, enter the game and move the character to the [King’s Capital City] Dungeon level.

In King’s Capital City, choose the level 120 boss Garuda difficulty.

Next, advance the story to trigger the battle and use the skills to kill the boss Garuda.

After successfully killing the boss, there is a chance to get rare metals.

Please note that the above steps are only applicable to specific situations in the game. Game updates may change the way to acquire rare metals, please refer to the actual situation in the game.

Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Blade Acquisition Method?


In the game, we need to come to the mine.


After coming to the mine, we need to come to the third floor underground and enter the fourth floor underground through the third floor underground.


In the fourth floor underground, we can find the gap of the ore and move forward.


After entering the gap, we can find the King’s Graveyard and obtain the Flying King Bow.

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