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How to get a US Amazon gift card for free? Faster?

You may have a coupon, but if it is a real gift card, you are crazy, then the gift card is money, and it can be given to you for free

how to send amazon gift card through amazon

…………… Redeem the Kindle e-book coupon code or Amazon gift card on the Kindle e-book reader side?

1. Click on the Kindle e-bookstore and log in to your Amazon account.

2. On the product details page of the Kindle e-book you want to buy, click the [Please enter the promotion code or gift card] link (located on the lower left side of the product details).

3. Enter the coupon code in the field and click [Recharge].

(If the coupon code is valid and the recharge is successful, you will see the following prompt message: “XXX operation has been successful”; if the coupon code has been used for recharge or is invalid, you will see the following prompt message: “The entered promo code is invalid or used”.


Rules for using Amazon gift cards?

After successful login, you can see your nickname at the top of the website. For gift card recharge, you can directly click the gift card at the bottom right of the account to enter, or click [My Account] on the right side of the webpage to enter. Select [My Gift Card] in the [My Account] gift card column, enter the recharge code of the gift card in the text box, and click [Recharge to My Account]. At the same time, you can see the current balance on the right. After the recharge is successful, you can go shopping, find your favorite items, and pay. Can you use a gift card for the first order of Amazon’s new account?

You can use a gift card.

When shopping on Amazon in the United States, in addition to paying with a credit card, you can also buy a gift card from Meiya, or you can use a credit card when paying. Just select the gift card payment at checkout.

If Meiya’s new account is locked with a gift card, just send your own bill and credit card information, and then add your Amazon account number and order number.

How to monetize an Amazon card?

Amazon card refers to an Amazon gift card. Usually, an Amazon gift card can only be used to buy goods on Amazon and cannot be directly withdrawn into cash. However, there are some third-party platforms that can help you withdraw Amazon gift cards. The specific operations are as follows:

1. Register an account on the third-party platform, upload relevant personal information, and bind the Amazon account.

2. Enter the card number and gift card password of the Amazon gift card and wait for the third-party platform to confirm.

3. Let the third-party platform transfer the face value of the Amazon gift card to your account.

4. You can choose the withdrawal channel in the third-party platform, such as the bound bank account, Alipay, WeChat, etc.

It should be noted that third-party platforms usually charge a certain handling fee when conducting gift card withdrawal business, and there may also be security risks, so choose carefully when choosing a platform. It is recommended to choose some large and well-known platforms, and carefully check the platform’s charging standards and user evaluations to ensure the safety and stability of the operation.

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