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How to give gifts in different district uniforms of Eternity?

To give gifts in different district uniforms of Eternity, you first need to make sure that you and the other party are on the same server. Then, you can send gifts through the in-game trading system or the mail system.

league of legends send gift to different server

In the trading system, you can make transactions with the other party and choose the items to give.

In the mail system, you can choose the other party’s character and attach the gift as an attachment to send.

Make sure to fill in the correct character name and server information when sending the gift to ensure that the gift can be delivered accurately.

Can you give things against the current and cold cross-region?

The cross-regional gift function against the cold water exists, but the gift of props and ingots needs to meet certain conditions before they can be given across regions. Specific conditions include:

1. Account real-name authentication: The account real-name authentication must be completed.

2. Account level: The account level needs to reach level 15 and above.

3. Gift quality: Only props and ingots of blue quality or above can be given across regions.

4. Limited quantity: Each account can only receive cross-regional gifts a maximum of 10 times per day, and the value of a single gift cannot exceed 200 ingots.

In addition, when giving away across regions, it should be noted that if the giver does not create a character on the target server, he cannot receive the gift.

How to give a weapon appearance to friends of different occupations?

In “Original God”, the method of giving a weapon appearance to friends of different occupations is as follows:

1. First, make sure that you and your friends have already added each other as friends. Enter the main interface of the game, click the social button in the upper right corner, then select the friend list, and click the friend you want to give a weapon appearance to.

2. Second, giving a weapon appearance requires both parties to complete a certain degree of friendship mission. Friendship quests include giving gifts, exchanging gifts, teaming up to complete quests, etc. After completing the Friendship Quest, you will receive Friendship Points.

3. When your Friendship Points reach a certain level, you can click on the other party’s avatar in the friend interface and select “Give Gifts”.

4. In the gift giving interface, you can select “Weapon Appearance” as a gift. Please note that giving Weapon Appearance requires consuming a certain amount of Friendship Points. After the Friendship Points are consumed, you will not be able to continue giving gifts.

5. After giving Weapon Appearance, your friend will receive the gift in-game. After friends receive the gift, they can choose whether to use the Weapon Appearance according to their own preferences.

6. Similarly, if you want to receive a weapon appearance from a friend, just ask the other party to complete the corresponding friendship task and click “Accept” when receiving the gift.

It should be noted that the gift of weapon appearance is only available to friends within the same server. It is not possible to give weapon appearance between friends on different servers. In addition, the function of giving weapon appearance may change according to the game version update and official activities. Please pay attention to the official announcement of the game for the latest information.

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