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How to make a gift for your girlfriends with sugar?

Small gifts made of sugar are not only beautiful, but also very practical. The following provide two small gift practices that can be made with sugar for reference:

how to send gifts to friends on candy crush

1. Candy bars: Mix white granulated sugar and water, bring to a boil on low heat in a pot, and stir constantly until the sugar is completely melted. You can try adding food coloring and flavors of different colors and flavors to increase the personality and taste of the candy. Finally, pour the syrup into a colored stick-shaped mold, cool and set, and then take it out.

2. Candy can: prepare a dry glass bottle, cut the aluminum foil paper into small slices of appropriate size, spread them on the bottom of the baking pan or frying pan, sprinkle the sugar on the aluminum foil paper, add food coloring, and use the oven or heating oven to heat. After the sugar is completely melted, quickly remove the aluminum foil paper. After cooling, you can cut it into small candy with attractive shapes according to the design style. Put a little salt and desiccant at the bottom and place it in the glass bottle.

The above two small gifts can be personalized and innovated according to different needs. They can not only meet the taste needs of girlfriends, but also have unique visual feelings and gift cultural value. They are a very practical and sentimental small gift.

How to give sugar to people who like it?

Prepare the candy first, and choose a person you like as the recipient, then wrap or put the candy into a gift box or decorative box, and finally give the gift to the recipient. Giving candy is a way to express your feelings for the people you love. You can express your feelings by saying some warm words, such as: “I specially chose it for you, I hope you will like it.” In addition, you can also match the candy with a greeting card or write a love letter to enhance the effect. Finally, pay attention to choose the taste and packaging method of the candy according to the other party’s preferences, so that you can send your heart to the other party more intimately.

How to string Christmas candy cards?

Christmas is a very warm and joyous holiday, and people usually give each other gifts and cards to express their blessings. If you want to make some special candy cards, you can consider the following methods to string them up: Use a string or ribbon to pass through the small holes in the card, and then tie the candy to the string or ribbon. You can choose different colors and shapes of candy to make the card more vivid and interesting. Punch holes in the card, and then use colored threads to pass through the small holes to tie the candy to the line. You can add some small decorations on the line, such as bows or small beads, to make the card more exquisite. Glue the candy to the card, and then tie the card with a ribbon or string. This method is relatively simple, but also very effective. It can make the candy and the card blend into one. Write the words of blessing on the card, then pack the candy in a clear plastic bag and tie it to the card with ribbon or string. This method can protect the candy from damage, while also making the card more tidy. No matter which method you choose, make sure the quality and hygiene of the candy and card, so that your friends and family can feel your heart and care. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

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