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How to put a gift sticker on the screen?

A gift sticker is usually a paper or plastic sticker with decorative patterns or text that can be pasted on any flat surface, such as a computer screen, mobile phone screen, window, etc. Here are the steps on how to put a gift sticker on the screen: 1. Clean the screen: Before sticking the sticker, you need to clean the screen to ensure that the sticker can be firmly attached to the screen. You can use a damp cloth or alcohol wipe to wipe the screen to remove grease and dirt. 2. Positioning: Place the gift sticker where you want to paste it. Make sure the sticker is in the right position and will not affect the use of the screen. 3. Paste: Paste the sticker on the screen. A small amount of scotch tape or double-sided tape can be used to ensure that the sticker can be firmly attached to the screen. 4. Adjustment: Once the sticker is attached to the screen, the position of the sticker can be slowly adjusted using a finger or a smooth card to ensure that it is completely aligned and free of bubbles or folds. 5. Remove excess tape: When using double-sided tape, it is necessary to wait until the sticker is fully attached to the screen before removing excess tape. 6. Protection: Once the sticker is attached to the screen, a film or protective shell can be used to protect the sticker to prevent it from being scratched or contaminated. It is important to note that different screen surfaces and sticker materials may require different treatment methods. Before using any stickers, it is best to test whether the stickers fit the surface of your screen and make sure to use the correct pasting method.

how to send sticker as gift in line app

Game LIVE How to put gift stickers?

Placing gifts and stickers can make the audience feel more interactive and interesting when doing Game LIVE. First, you need to open the interactive function of the live broadcast software and find the option of gifts and stickers.

Then, you can choose the appropriate stickers to place according to the gifts given by the audience. Click on the gift icon on the screen, select the stickers and drag them to the position you want to place them.

Or you can customize the way you place gifts and stickers according to the guidelines provided by the live broadcast software.

Finally, remember to show and thank the audience for the gifts during the live broadcast to increase the sense of interaction and show interest.

How to paste Kuaishou gifts?

1. Open a live broadcast in the Kuaishou app, click the [More] button at the bottom of the live broadcast room, and click [Stickers].

2. There are [text-on-video], [Pattern Stickers] templates and [Custom Stickers] in the sticker function. Click the ” ” button on the left to upload local pictures.

3. The size and display position of the sticker can be adjusted. After setting, the user can see the sticker when entering the live stream.

Kuaishou live stream sticker is a new way to play. You can add stickers to items at any time in the live stream. On the one hand, it will be very interesting. On the other hand, when doing live stream sales, you can use the sticker to put the discount in the most conspicuous position, so that everyone can see it more clearly without repeated publicity.

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