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How to say hello if you don’t know your girlfriend’s address?

How to say hello if you don’t know your girlfriend’s address?

how to send a gift without address

First, you can use the reason of giving gifts, and then ask your girlfriend’s address, tell her what holiday gifts you have prepared for her recently, it is a surprise, and send it to her house.

Second, you can use the form of takeaway, such as saying that she is not going out at home today, and you are afraid that she will have nothing to eat, so you order something she likes to eat, and ask her to send it to her.

Third, you say that you are going to ask her out for dinner today, and you will come to pick her up. Ask her to send you the address, and you will pick her up near her house.

How can I reply to her message if someone sends a courier to me and asks for an address?

Sending a courier to you is the means, and asking for your address is the goal. Reply to be clear. If you don’t reject boys and accept this thing, then express your gratitude generously and give him the address, maybe start a good relationship from now on.

If you don’t like boys, you don’t want this thing, you can reply like this, no merit, sorry, I don’t want this thing.

In this case, your attitude should be clear, don’t be ambiguous, be responsible for others, and be responsible for yourself!

How can Pinduoduo send gifts to friends and fill in the address?

Regarding this question, here are the steps for Pinduoduo to send a gift to a friend and fill in the address:

1. Log in to the Pinduoduo account and go to the item you want to buy page.

2. Select the item you want to buy to add to the shopping cart, and then go to the shopping cart page.

3. In the shopping cart page, click the “Settlement” button.

4. On the page where you fill in the receipt information, select “Add New Address” in the “Delivery Address” drop-down box.

5. Fill in the consignee’s name, contact number, region and detailed address and other information, and then click the “Save” button.

6. After confirming that the receipt information is correct, select the payment method and complete the payment process.

Note: When filling in the address, make sure that the information filled in is accurate, so as not to affect the delivery of the gift. At the same time, you can choose the “gift wrapping” service when purchasing to make the gift more beautiful.

How to hide the logistics when buying a gift for a friend on

You can hide the logistics information because provides users with privacy settings, users can choose “anonymous purchase” when purchasing goods, so that the logistics information can be hidden and privacy can be protected. At the same time, after the purchase is completed, you can contact the customer service to apply for hiding the order information, so that the logistics information can be hidden. Note that hiding the order information needs to be handled by contacting the customer service, and it may have a certain impact on the delivery time. In addition, in order to protect privacy, users can also choose to send the logistics information to a friend and let the friend view it by himself. In short, provides users with a variety of ways to hide the logistics information, and users can choose according to their own needs.

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