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How to send a 2023 wizard gift package to a friend?

You can choose to buy the gift package directly in the game and send it to your friend, or recharge the virtual currency to your friend’s game account, and let them choose to buy the gift package by themselves.

how to send a target gift card virtually

In addition, you can also send a gift card or redemption code to your friend outside the game, so that they can redeem the gift package by themselves. No matter which method you choose, make sure that the gift package can be accepted and used by your friends, and at the same time express a sincere blessing, so that they can feel your care and friendship.

How to place an order for the virtual prize of the twisted egg backpack?

1. Click Ship, and then you will see three options to place an order online. Contact yourself, no logistics required. Click to ship without logistics. There is no need to enter the courier number. Virtual items are all clicked without logistics.

2. If you are selling virtual game products, it is recommended to join the Taobao game trading platform, use consignment transactions or guaranteed transactions, and be helped by Taobao transaction customer service to conduct transactions, so that the transaction is safer and the seller is more assured~

3. If you publish virtual goods by yourself in the market, such as point cards and recharge cards, you can apply for the automatic delivery function. When the buyer takes a picture and pays, the system will automatically send the card number and password to the buyer.

4. The seller must first confirm that the buyer has paid to Alipay, and then click Ship. If it is a card password, it will be sent to Wangwang and given to the other party.

If the other party does not confirm after recharging, the virtual product will generally arrive in three days. If it is said that it has not been received, please ask the customer service to coordinate.

How to send the red envelope?

Sending the red envelope can be authorized to the WeChat third-party platform –


It is easy to achieve.

Password red envelope

A single password can be set. Fans can get a red envelope by sending “filled in password” red envelope to the official account, on a first-come, first-served basis. The password can be hidden in the picture and text to increase the interest of the event. If you set a random password, a string of password codes will be randomly generated for each red envelope. Fans who send the code to the official account will get a red envelope, which can be used as a virtual code to distribute prizes. And provide daily data and winning details for easy management and viewing.

In addition to the password red envelope, there are a variety of red envelope games:

lottery red envelope

A better-looking red envelope lottery form, among which, the sharing restrictions are more clear, you can set a variety of amounts and different winning probabilities to improve the surprise of the event, deploy the event to the menu or publish the event link to guide fans to participate. Provide daily data and winning details for easy management and viewing.

Targeted red envelopes

The most accurate red envelope distribution, the official account can send cash to one or more fans, so that special funds can be made, flexible and accurate. It can be used for scenarios such as consumption cash back, event rewards and official account prize interaction.

All red envelopes can be set to receive objects (only the authentication service number is available); the amount of a single red envelope must not be less than 1 yuan (WeChat limit).


detailed transaction records, and a quick recharge method

Display all red envelope distribution records. According to the received, pending, and returned records, it is divided into three forms. It supports filtering by distribution type or distribution amount, which is convenient for statistics to be clear at a glance. Alipay scans the code to quickly recharge the balance into the background and provides recharge records.

Authorize to Hooster

to experience a variety of convenient and fast red envelope gameplay!

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