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How to send a text message to someone as a gift?

If you send something to someone, first you have to text him to notify him. If the thing has arrived at his door, you can notify him and ask him to open the door. At this time, he can receive the thing you gave him. Or you can tell him in advance that there is a courier from him these days, and ask him to pay attention to sign for it. In this way, he can know who sent the thing you gave him.

send a gift by text

Is it true that Yuantong sends text messages to receive gifts?

It is true to send text messages to get things for free, but after receiving things, there are calls every day to ask this and that. It is recommended to buy all kinds of things. If you are not too troublesome, you can send text messages to get things for free! This is not a lie either. It may be a group of buyers who promote products by merchants. There are many cheap coupons issued in it, so if you want to add it, you can add it. It is possible to buy cheap things

How to send text messages if you secretly give gifts?

Hello, have you bought anything recently? Pay attention to the courier information.

How to edit a special product text message?

I mailed a gift to the leader. We can tell him like this: Hello, leader! I sent you a little gift, which is a specialty of our hometown. It may arrive in the next two days. Please accept it. Because you usually take special care of me at work, I have always been deeply grateful and respectful to you. What I sent you is my little thought, please accept it with a smile!

I hope to have more opportunities to learn from you in my life and work in the future, and hope that I can do better in my career!

Gift to the leader How can I send a message if the leader is not at home?

If the leader is not at home, you can contact him by text message or phone call. The following is a possible text message sample:

Dear leader, hello! I am XXX and want to send you a small gift, but I found that you were not at home when I came to your house today. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I would like to ask you about the next convenient time. I will come again to send you a gift and express my gratitude to you. Sorry for any interruption. I wish you good health and smooth work! Thank you for your attention and support!




If you know the specific itinerary of the leader, you can also use a phone communication method similar to the following:

You: Hello, I am XXX and want to send you a small gift, but find that you are not at home. May I ask if I will come again to give gifts at a convenient time next time?

Leader: Okay, my itinerary these days is……………

You: Okay, thank you very much for your arrangement. Then I will come to give gifts at your convenient time. Thank you!

In the tradition of gift exchange, gifts should be given and received in some ways and methods to show respect and courtesy to the leader.

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