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How to send gifts in a row in the tt voice?

1. In the tt voice, you can send gifts in a row. 2. To send gifts in a row, you need to select the gift to be sent first, and then in the gift sending interface, you can select the quantity to be sent. After selecting, click Send to send gifts. 3. If you want to send gifts faster, you can select the “Continuous” option in the gift sending interface, then enter the number of gifts to be sent, and click Send to send the specified number of gifts in a row.

how to send gifts in one day

Bilibili live stream How to send gifts?

In the Bilibili live stream, to send a gift, you need to reward it through the recharge account, or you can use the silver melon seeds that have been recharged to reward.

In the live stream, click the “Gift” button and select the corresponding gift to send. You can choose to send it to the live streaming host or other viewers.

After sending the gift, the bullet comment information of the gift will be displayed, and the remaining number of silver melon seeds available will be displayed. By sending gifts, you can not only increase revenue for the live streaming host, but also strengthen interaction and communication.

How can steam give gifts?

First log in to the game platform, you need steam token mobile phone verification. After the verification is passed, click the nickname at the top, open the friend dynamic page, and then click View Profile

Click the inventory button on the right, open the inventory page, select your game gift (you need to buy the game in advance and save it in the library), and click Send Gift below.

How does steam inventory ship?

The first step is to log in to the game platform first. If steam token mobile phone verification is required, it will be like this after the verification is passed.

Step 2, click the nickname at the top to open the friend dynamic page, then click View Profile

Step 3, click the inventory button on the right to open the inventory page

Step 4, select your game gift and click Send Gift below.

How to give gifts to friends to improve intimacy in Guangyu?

In Guangyu, you can improve intimacy by giving gifts to friends. First, you need to establish a relationship of mutual attention with your friends.

Then, you can click the “Gift” button on your friend’s profile page. Choose the gift that suits your friend and confirm the gift. Each gift will increase a certain amount of intimacy. In addition, you can also participate in friends’ activities, complete tasks together, and help each other to increase intimacy. Remember to interact with your friends often, and increasing intimacy can unlock more interactive content and rewards.

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