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How to set the privacy of the gift given by fans?

Specific steps for the privacy settings of the gift given by fans:

how to send gift cards anonymously

1. First, in the room page of the live streaming host, find the “My” button in the lower right corner and click to enter the “My” page.

2. In the “My” page, find the “Settings” button and click to enter the settings page.

3. In the settings page, find the “Gift Privacy” option and click to enter the gift privacy settings page.

4. In the gift privacy settings page, you can choose the privacy level of the gift. Among them, “public” means that all users can see your gift information in the chat room, “visible only to yourself” means that your gift information is only visible to yourself, other users cannot see your gift information, and “visible only to friends” means that your gift information is only visible to friends.

5. After setting the gift privacy level, you can click the “Save” button to save your settings.

It should be noted that the gift privacy settings may vary from live broadcast platform to live broadcast platform. It is recommended to read the relevant instructions carefully or ask the platform for help before making gift privacy settings to ensure that your settings achieve the desired effect.

Can’t a friend give a gift anonymously?

Can’t a friend give a gift anonymously? Generally, most people give gifts because of the relationship between good friends, so as long as the gift is to your heart, you don’t care much about whether it is named and anonymous, just because you want to give a gift, it shows that the relationship is not ordinary. Now you are not a good friend, but you want to give a gift anonymously, there must be an important reason, but you don’t want to be misunderstood, so you can choose to give it anonymously.

How to send Moments if you don’t know who to give something to?

Choose a powerful text or a photo to describe your unique views and feelings about this gift. In the text, you can express what is special about this gift and why you chose to give it to someone.

You can combine the text with your expectations and wishes for this gift to show your sincerity and care.

Finally, you can add some warm words to express your admiration and feelings for this gift, and look forward to finding its most suitable owner.

Let this text be filled with warmth, convey your sincerity and care, and let friends feel your heart and happiness.

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