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How to shop online in Dubai?

To shop online in Dubai, you can follow these steps:

send gifts online dubai

Confirm that you have the equipment and environment to shop online. This usually requires a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Open the shopping website in Dubai. There are many shopping websites to choose from, such as,, etc. Some websites offer 24/7 service, but please note the time difference between Dubai and China.

Browse the website and select the items you want to buy. You can browse various items on the website and use the search function provided by the website or the category catalog to find the items you need.

Add the item to the shopping cart. Once you find the item you want, click “Add to shopping cart” or a similar button.

Login or create an account. Most shopping websites require you to create an account in order to make a purchase. You can choose to log in to an existing account, or create a new one.

Settlement and Payment. Select the item you want to settle in the shopping cart, and then select the settlement method. Most websites support multiple payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, etc.

Confirm the order and ship the address. Before settling, shopping websites usually ask you to confirm the order and shipping address. Make sure to provide the correct delivery address and double check to make sure everything is correct.

Waiting for delivery. Once the order confirmation is completed, the shopping website will start processing your order and deliver it to your address. Usually, you can track the status of the order on the shopping website.

Please note that when shopping online, pay attention to protect personal privacy and payment security, and treat all transactions with caution. If you encounter any problems during the shopping process, you can contact the customer service of the shopping website for help.

What gift is appropriate for Dubai customers?

Gifts given to Dubai customers should be culturally distinctive and commemorative, while also considering the practicality and value of the gift. Here are some suggestions:

1. Chinese Calligraphy or Painting: You can send a handwritten work of a well-known calligrapher or painter, such as couplets, famous aphorisms, etc., to convey Chinese culture and let customers feel their own taste.

2. Advanced Supplements: such as wild mountain ginseng with Chinese characteristics, dried abalone, deer antler, etc. These supplements are very popular in the Dubai market.

3. Advanced Beauty Skin Care Products and Cosmetics: This type of gift is very popular with female customers, because no one does not like beauty.

4. Local Chinese Specialties: such as walnuts, pecans, etc. You can also choose some ancient emperors’ royal tributes and other specialties that have been passed down to this day.

5. Festival gifts: such as moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival, and high-end red wine for the Chinese New Year.

6. Special handicrafts: such as camel toys, etc., sand bottles with Dubai characteristics can also be considered.

7. Perfume, watches, razors, ZIPPO lighters, etc.: These gifts are relatively cheap in the Dubai market and can be used as practical gifts.

In short, when choosing gifts, you can choose them based on the needs and preferences of customers, as well as the meaning and value of the gifts.

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