Birthday gifts

How to tell a girl to give her a gift?

First, take the initiative and positivity in attitude, and be good at seizing the opportunity and acting according to the situation. That is to say, if you want to know someone, or introduce someone to whom, you must choose good opportunities according to different places, occasions, times and other specific circumstances, and enthusiastically, actively and actively urge them to approach and contact in order to get acquainted or introduced in time.

send her a gift

Second, in terms of order, it is generally to introduce the younger to the older, the lower to the higher, the younger to the elder, and the man to the woman. For example, when classmates visit each other or bring classmates to play at home, after meeting their parents, they should first introduce their classmates to their parents and say, “This is my classmate Zhang San, bring him to our house to play”. Then introduce their parents to Zhang San and say, “This is my father, this is my mother”. At this time, Zhang San should bow to the second old man and call “Hello, uncle and aunt”. Of course, this example is the most general and simplest way to introduce, but it is very important and indispensable. If it is missing, it will cause an awkward situation

Top ten gifts for women?

Gifts for women must be carefully, followed by expensive. The top ten things are:

1. Houses, including villas;

2. Cars, including expensive sports cars;

3. Diamonds, the bigger the better;

4. Gold jewelry, the more the better, this is the best value preservation;

5. Yachts, the most beautiful and face-saving;

6. Dresses, preferably custom-made, unique;

7. Bags, with taste, can’t handle things;

8. Status, take it out and respect the other half;

9. Career, support any cause of a woman and support it.


Top ten gifts for girls?

No. 1 for girls’ birthday gifts, No. 2 for skin care products, No. 3 for flowers, Chocolate, No. 4, Clothes, No. 5, Bags, No. 6, Shoes, No. 7 Perfume, No. 8 Red Packet, No. 9, Carefully prepared, please collect all photos during your period, make them into cards, No. 10, Proposal Gift Diamond Ring, all girls like to be pampered by the people they like, exchange attention, and also want to walk together with the people they like for a long time and forever

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