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How to transfer the Qianji gift card to others

1. The Qianji gift card can be transferred to others. 2. Because the Qianji gift card is a prepaid card, it can be used to purchase goods or services from designated merchants. The holder can transfer the balance on the card to others, and just hand the card to the other party to complete the transfer. 3. When transferring money, you can choose to give the card directly to the other party, or transfer money through the official website or mobile app of Qianji gift card. In this way, you can transfer the Qianji gift card to others, so that the other party can enjoy the convenience of shopping.

send money with gift card

Can I transfer money directly when receiving gifts?

Yes, after receiving the gift, you can directly deposit the gift money into the bank account by transferring money. This method is convenient and fast, avoiding the trouble and risk of cash transactions. By transferring money, you can ensure the safety and accuracy of the payment, and at the same time, it is also convenient for both parties to record and manage. The transfer can be carried out through mobile banking, online banking and other methods. You can choose the method that suits you.

How to return the Starbucks gift card to a friend?

1. Register an account: Log in to Starbucks’ official website or mobile client side to register. After completing the verification of the mobile phone number, you can enter the management gift card center. 2. Add gift cards in the Management Gift Card Center: Enter the Starbucks Management Gift Card Center, enter the gift card number, and generate a Comparative Security Code (PIN). If you don’t fill it in manually, you can choose “Scan Screen” to add, and then the gift card will be added successfully. 3. Transfer gift cards: Log in to Starbucks’ official website or mobile client side, enter the management gift card interface, click “Transfer”, transfer the gift card to a friend, enter the transferred amount, and then enter the received mobile phone number, and finally click “OK” to complete the refund.

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