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How to transfer the visa card to the bank account?

1. Your family or friends need to provide: name (standard pinyin), account opening bank account number, account opening bank address (English), account opening bank name (English) and code (Swiftwxxxcode-style) to you.

how to send someone money with a visa gift card

2. Then you hand these and the remittance amount to CIMB, and they will handle it for you. You can transfer euros, US dollars, British pounds and other bank convertible currencies to your family or friends’ bank account.

3. Wait for the bank phone call to notify the remittance, and you can handle the foreign exchange settlement and exchange business.

How does visa transfer money?

If you want to make a visa transfer, you first need to have a visa card, and then you can choose to use mobile banking applications, online banking or go to the bank counter to transfer money.

When making a transfer, you need to enter the recipient’s name, account number and transfer amount, and confirm the accuracy of the transaction information.

Then, enter the bank password or verify according to the selected transfer method, and finally complete the transfer operation. During the transfer process, be sure to confirm that the recipient information is accurate to avoid unnecessary losses.

Bank of China app, how to use a savings card to transfer money to a VISA card?

It is normal for each bank to have differences. The so-called absence from working hours refers to simple exchange. You can find it on online banking or APP. Where is the function of automatic exchange? After opening, you can directly transfer RMB.

Can VISA transfer money?

VISA can transfer money.

Visa debit card has functions of deposit, withdrawal and transfer, as well as payment functions. Visa debit card is jointly issued by Visa international organization and bank members around the world. It is common all over the world. Deposit money in the card before spending.

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